Thank God For The B52

Seriously, let’s get serious for a moment shall we? When the hell did everything get so serious and fun go out the window? I’m so sick and tired of the Oscars and their “serious” movies and all the nominations they give these movies no one sees. When did we start kissing Ebert and Roeper’s asses so much? I miss when movies were just fun and fun to watch, when you didn’t have to “think” so much and leave the theater pondering the meaning of life.

The same goes for music. Alot in music nowadays seems to have to have some social or political meaning. As much as I love Alanis (I love you Alanis baby), I also love just being able to have fun to music. I don’t want to think of the damn political situations or the strife of the common man when I listen music, does this look like the 60’s to you?

Sometimes you just need to say “F” everything going on in the world right now. That’s why I say “Thank God For the B52’s!” They have a new album out, in case you didn’t know. Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either. It took super lesbian Ellen DeGeneres to let me in on this when she had them on her show last week. Anyways, they have a new album out called “Funplex” which is their first album in umpteen years, which also brings back the blond girl Cindy Wilson to the group. For those not in the know, she left the group for a brief period to have a kid and a life, and they put out the album “Good Stuff” without her. It’s a pretty frakin awesome album in case you didn’t get it!

Well she’s rejoined the group and now they have their new album “Funplex” out. I command you to go out and buy it now and begin to have fun with music again! What are you still reading this for? BUY their album now!

B52’s- Funplex (first single from the new album)

“Juliet of the Spirits” which apparently is based on some 60s Italian film – my favorite song on the album – fan made video


3 Responses to “Thank God For The B52’s!”

Jennifer Says:

Hey Dustin
You are so right about the B52’s..That Cd is awsome!
Im going to see them in concert in 2 weeks, should be good!


Lori Says:

Wow, the B-52’s! I admit some of the music isn’t my favourite, but the singers voice is amazing, and there were a few songs I loved just for that fact! Not to mention the videos were never boring.


cb Says:

I rather like “love in the year 3000”. I think its my fave.