There Is No Dustin . . . Only The Corporation

umbrella-corporation-10333.jpg The time has come for an even bigger announcement, one that will rock all you know and make you question everything. Dustin Cushman does not exist, he never did. Dustin was a made up persona, a pretty face for . . . The Corporation! The Corporation has run a variety of pages under the guise of Dustin, whose face actually belongs to the nephew of the president of The Corporation. The Corporation needed a humanizing face and personality that would clique with an audience and thus invented Dustin to run various pages they ran. We regret to inform you now that there is no Dustin, only The Corporation!

Okay I’m just kidding, not that you haven’t figured that much out. First let me say that those who left messages or sent email asking if I was okay, I was touched. The fact that people wrote in hoping nothing bad had happened to me touched me. These are emails from people who technically never met me, didn’t know me, but were concerned. It makes you realize that there is some hope for humanity! Second, I really wanted to post some explanation on the site, but as I do not own it anymore, I was unsure if it was my place to do so. As I have said before, I do expect announcements to obviously be made at some point soon about what is going on. Third, thank you to all who have left messages or sent emails of support of my decision. It means a lot to me. As I have said on here before, this decision was not an easy one at all for me, but something I knew I had to do. I knew the site wouldn’t and couldn’t last forever. I knew my decision would piss a lot of people off, but what can I do? I can’t please everyone, even though I did spend a long time to no avail trying to do so with some 🙂

Again, a lot of people are coming here from links and referrals around the net. For those looking for a more in depth explanation, I’ll refer you to this post on the Primetime Dish blog where I tried to pull several posts from here together about it all.



10 Responses to “There Is No Dustin . . . Only The Corporation”

Becky Says:

Again, I think it is great that you are finally able to truly put yourself first. Whatever will you do:) It is time for you to enjoy life and all the things that you put on the backburner in order to run the soap site.

On a side note, thanks for your kind words about Oreo. Do me a favor and give Princess and Nikko big hugs for me….


mlp Says:

Okay, I knew from the “umbrella” logo that you were kidding…but for a millisecond, in the back of my mind, you had me pretty freaked out there. I mean, it would explain a lot. “Dustin Cushman” has always been a little TOO perfect. I mean, what REAL person is dedicated enough to continue blogging about soaps while on vacation with their bf? 😉

Hey, just out of curiosity, now that you don’t HAVE to, will you still watch soaps?


Dustin Says:

I am still watching the soaps. Watched before the page, will watch Days and Passions till the end. However now I don’t have to pay attention to every second and every detail 🙂 That’s a good thing considering how boring Days has been lately lol.


Jennifer Says:

I just wanted to double check that you will be keeping this blog. I go to it frequently and I feel like I know you. Its a nice break during work to see what’s been going on with your life.
I dont usually post anything, but thought I should in case you plan on shutting down your blog too.
By the way I am a HUGE animal lover and your dogs are so cute!
Take care


Dustin Says:

Yes I’m keeping up this blog and my primetime tv blog. I have to have some kind of site to vent on lol.

I’m not sure how exciting this blog will be, I’ll try and find fun things to post about. Unfortunately all I’m doing now mostly is trying to finish my dissertation lol.


Allison Says:

Dustin, do not feel bad for putting yourself first!
I do want to thank you for all the years you put into the soap site and providing me with lots of info on Days. You have been a blessing on that front since work and school kept me from being able to watch all the time.
Good luck on finishing your dissertation and give love to the puppies :)!


Diana D Says:

Hey Dustin…Keep on keepin’ on.
I’ll miss you terribly at your Passions site, which many of us Passions junkies consider The Word! There is no written record of the show that reflects it any truer than yours. I’ll miss your not being there. Thanks for the writing, the humour and most of all, the honesty!

A fellow Passions fan and Westie lover,
Your friend,
Diana D.


Stephanie Wagy Says:

I’m happy for you personally to live a life out side this crazy internet. With that said your is not the same! It misses your personality and it just plain not the same! Whoever these people are, do not do what you created any justice! With that said I miss your input and hope that someday you will do this again. Thank you for all the years of your hard work!


Barb Says:

Dustin…….could not agree more with Stephanie. You are missed,& evidently are laying low for a while. Looking forward to the time when you will again join the masses in just posting your thoughts here and there.

Thank you again for all you have done to promote Days, to keep Days fans informed and up to date.


Dustin Says:

Thanks again all. Maybe one day I’ll start posting on some boards more frequently again.