I Need You

After reading for 3 hours tonight, in preparation for this conference and the fact that someone who could possible just decide to tear me arsehole based on what I have to say will be there, I’m burnt. Of course my mind’s capacity to store an endless amount of pointless crap never ceases to amaze me, and this song has suddenly popped into my head. I felt the need to share it, as I’m sure I’ll be singing it for the next 24 hours. Hey if it has to be stuck in my head, I feel the need to make as many other people as possible sing it as well.

As for my mind’s capacity to hold an endless amount of pointless crap, which two people/characters described this artist as being “So Rad!” This applies to TV, not to the some of you who are old enough to have to possibly used the phrase “so rad” yourselves.


3 Responses to “I Need You”

gabchoud Says:

stacy Q! I have this song on my Ipod 🙂 My son laughs at me as im dancing around the house singing this song


Becky Says:

This is on my iPod, too! I will surely be singing it today…thanks Dustin:)


Sherri Says:

Oh my gosh, I had her music on vinyl or cassette from when I was in high school. Anybody want to donate an ipod to an old lady? LOL