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So I had written this big long post ranting about some issues I’ve been dealing with this week. My intent was to post it today, but it’s a fricken book of a post and I wanted to proof it one more time. I never got to it, so I will save it for this week I guess.

Today I spent working on a paper for a conference I have to attend on Friday this week. Fun stuff . . . not! I simply took a paper I presented last year (actually at the end of 2006) and then published in 2007 and have revamped it. I’ve switched the order of things I discussed around, put in some new introductory sentences for those sections, added some outlines for 2 new sections to write and updated the other sections to match my more recent dissertation results. Of course at this point the paper is now 20 pages long and I have 20 minutes to present. I will probably have to cut some stuff out because it will go over my allotted time. I should have it finished tomorrow, leaving Tuesday-Thursday for proofing and edits. I also need to make a power point presentation for pretty pictures to go along with it I guess. Could I share the photos online I would, but I really can’t because of the topic 🙂 For those who don’t know, my dissertation is on the mortuary rituals of the Delaware Indians, so the photos I have (of artifacts only) aren’t for publication or distribution.

I watched the Oscars while I was writing tonight. Aside from “Sweeney Todd,” I have seen none of the films nominated. I really don’t have a desire to see any of them either. It’s hard to get excited over the Oscars when you have no interest in what is nominated really. I’m sure they were all excellent films and all, but for me I want to go to the movies to be entertained and escape, not think or see real world problems. Seems to me a lot of these films fit the later bill.


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Carrie Says:

I know what you mean…I couldn’t get into the Oscars last night either. I can’t really get into Coen brothers movies anyway. I always try, especially when I hear good things about one of their particular movies, but then after I watch it, I am upset because I can’t get those approx. 2 hours of my life back!


Becky Says:

The Oscars did nothing for me this year. Life is depressing enough without paying to see it at the theatres. Hope that your week gets better. Good luck with your proofing. I’m sure it will be great! My daughter thinks what you are doing is the most fascinating thing under the sun. She is really into anthropology, especially the forensic part of it. She told me to tell you that your dissertation sounds “cool”….coming from her that is a HUGE compliment:)


Janelle Says:

What is up with no American winning a lead oscar? And I’m with Becky’s Daughter…your dissertation sounds cool! Can you have like a conference with all your readers and do a little show and tell?? LOL That would be really cool!