Vacation From Vacation

After we finally got home from our vacation I was worn out! The last day of our cruise I felt my throat getting a little sore. Then we stayed a day in Miami and walked everywhere. This coupled with the fact that I actually didn’t sleep as much as I normally do while on vacation, I was ripe to get sick. So I’ve basically been taking a vacation from my vacation these past few days and been a lazy bum and sleeping a lot. The BF keeps bouncing on me saying “What’s wrong are you sick? Do you have a headache?” Thanks! He did at least put Christmas away. Before we left we didn’t put Christmas away. I hate putting it away, it’s so sad. He took care of most of it, I helped a wee bit.

Anyway, I have to snap out of being lazy, time to get back to work! Of course in about two weeks my friends Shannan and Nica will be here for an extended weekend visit. Along with Emily we are headed to New York for a night to see “Wicked” on Broadway and go to a club or something. I’m sure it will of course be the one weekend we hit below zero, because anytime I go to New York in the winter it always ends up being bitterly cold.


3 Responses to “Vacation From Vacation”

boo1 Says:

I’m sick, sore throat, chills, and a stuffy head. I too have been lazy the last few days. Today I’ve been up busting butt, we have weekend company on the way, a day early. Feel sorry for me, the company is my husband’s niece, her husband and 4 kids, who, trust me, would be Super Nanny’s first failure. She would run in fear. They are 13, 11, 8, and 6. The 6 and 8 year old manage to break something everytime they come. Last visit they took up half my bathroom floor. They came walking into the living room with hands full of blue tiles. Funny, but not funny, the little one said “Aunt Benna, you floor, it it it….. broke”
So God help me this weekend. Feel Better Dustin.


KipEsquire Says:

Welcome to NYC — watch out for falling houses (and giant monsters).


Becky Says:

How sweet that your BF took down Christmas! One less thing you have to do. Good luck fighting your clod/sick thing. There is a lot of that going around. it is below zero here and I am trying to stay healthly, but losing the battle! Enjoy your peace and quiet at home. Oh, are Princess and Nikko happy you’re back, or were they mad at you?