Sorry I’ve been so absent. We are on the ship now. Internet of course is slow. I’ve also been bad about taking pictures of the ship, which is unusual for me. It’s such a huge ship! We are on Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas, de biggest ship in de whurld! (That was a Celine Dion joke). I’ll do my best to get some photos and some write-ups up about what we’ve been doing. We are in Jamaica today and going to Rose Hall, home of the White Witch and her ghostly husbands. WoooOooOOooo. Maybe I’ll get some ghostly photos 🙂


2 Responses to “I’ll Post An Update Soon!”

boo1 Says:

Can we trade places? Aww to be Jamaica, I’m jealous. I’m so happy you’re having fun.


hot-lunch Says:

HOpe u’re having a fabulous trip!! I love cruises!! never been to Florida or Jamaica before, so i’ll have to live vicariously for now!