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I Have A Question . . . .

Today (okay yesterday) I woke up at the ass crack of dawn again, after staying up way too late watching a movie, in order to give another lecture at the farm on Native Americans. This time I made an outline to look at so I was a little better prepared. I think the talk went much better than last time when I just winged it off the top of my head. Several of the teachers thanked me and one was like “Are you available to come in on Social Studies day to talk to my class, open invite any time!”

However I don’t know if I could handle dealing with kids. Seriously, some of the questions they think up! The first time around a kid asked me something about what he read in a book, something about the Spanish kidnapping women to make adobes for them. I basically said I couldn’t really answer that and wasn’t familiar with that topic (knowing though the kid had misunderstood something), but explained what adobes were. Yesterday I got the question “I heard if Native Americans drink beer they will go crazy.” I stood there and then replied “I’m afraid that is a myth.” I didn’t know what to say, this from a fourth grader? Later the same kid asked the farmer another beer question! I was near the teachers then, who at this point were saying to each other “Do we need to talk to this kid’s parents?” Later one came up to me and said when I got that question she was just rolling her eyes in disbelief, but this is what they actually deal with on a daily basis.

Missing: One Underwater Disposable Camera

I’m a bit bummed right now. I had finally decided to take this old underwater disposable camera in to be developed, but I can’t find the damn thing! It was from a cruise three years ago, from a snorkeling excursion. I didn’t finish using the film, so I never took it in to be developed. I kept meaning to take a few meaningless photos and take it in and have it developed. Only now I can’t find the thing! For months, hell maybe over a year, it sat on top of an old roll top desk. Now it’s not there, and I wonder where it went. Did I just give up and throw it out? No, I don’t think I’d do that. I looked everywhere I could think I might have moved it, but I still can’t find the thing. Did I take it into a CVS and completely forget? No, they would have called me to come pick the film up wouldn’t they have? Oh well, if I stop looking for it maybe it will turn up. Though after three years, I’m wondering if the film will even develop at this point.

The Fog Keeps Coming . . . . . .

The past two nights out have been very spooky and eerie. We’ve been getting really thick and dense fogs, to the point where you can barely see across the street. Creepy! It always reminds me of that movie “The Fog.” Speaking of that movie, there is a new movie “The Mist” coming out. It’s based on a Steve King short story, but seems very much like “The Fog.” Only instead of rotting zombie pirates there are some kind of vampire bats in the mist.

Alas, the vegetarian experiment has come to an end. Not for the lack of will power or trying, but for the desire not to expand my waistline anymore! When I was a vegetarian it was from when I was around 19-26. Let’s just say I think my body processed carbs a whole lot differently back then! Now that I’m officially old, and am not exercising as much as I should be, well it seems my body just stored all the carbs. My vegetarian diet is and always was carb heavy. After a week and a half, I got on the scale this morning and wasn’t too happy! So it’s back to just trying to eat better and more balanced. Of course I know I need to get back to the gym, that will help a lot. I am hoping to have a lot more free time in the near future to do just that.

Oh What A Night

I had the first big challenge tonight, eating out! I went into the city of brotherly love (bang bang) and had dinner with a friend who was in town. She moved to Seattle this past summer for a job that goes for 2 years. She’s homesick and is so hoping to return to Philly when the job is over, assuming she can find a job in this area. Selfishly I am hoping she does so I can see her again 🙂 I miss our dinners out in the city. Sadly most of my friends have left the city and moved elsewhere, so I have no reason to go into the city anymore. Not that that is a bad thing, with the soaring murder rate and the fact that the places I used to enjoy dancing pretty much suck now . . . . thank you hip hop for taking over everything!

Anyway, I got off track. I had my first vegetarianism challenge, eating out! I stayed strong and ordered a grilled cheese, a foo foo fancy one of course. It was good, a burger would have been better. But I stayed strong. Emily has money on me breaking before Thanksgiving. I will prove her wrong!

Color In The Midst Of Gray

It was a miserable day today. No sun. Cold. Overcast. Gray. The only color was from the turning trees, so I took some photos.




Mr. Cranky Pants


This has been me this week. I have not yet given into the temptations of the flesh (ie meat), and well I think it’s made me very cranky. That coupled with other normal stresses, well I haven’t been very happy lately I must admit.

If I remain Cranky Pants this coming week, I may just have to quit the vegetarian thing again. I’m hoping the body will eventually adjust though and I can try and keep it going, but we shall see I guess. I’m also going to make a big effort to get back to the gym, which I keep saying I will but never do. I think that will help with stress a lot as well.

In other news, it got way cold this week, but we never did get any of the white stuff. We dodged that bullet for now, but I have a feeling we’ve dodged it too many winters in a row and are in for a doozy this year.


Time For Christmas Already?

Last night I was bemoaning taking down the Halloween decoration to my online chatroom friends (pretty much my only contact with living people outside of my house anymore, I know, sad), only to find out some of them already have their Christmas trees up! I said I hadn’t taken down Halloween yet, Thanksgiving is not even here yet, and you have Christmas Trees up! Who do they think they are, CVS?

I did take down almost all of Halloween today though. Everything but the creepy ghost in the attic windows (cause I didn’t feel like crawling in there today) and the “Nightmare Before Christmas” village on the mantel. I decided there was no rush putting it away, because clearly it has Christmas in the title and it just means I’m in sink with the 24 hour pharmacies who already have Christmas merchandise out.

In other news, I’m on day 2 of vegetarianism. I am craving the sweet taste of deep fried flesh and the not-really-beef of McDonald’s. I must be strong to show Emily that I can last more than a month.

Snow? Hell No!

So tonight, during “Heroes,” the teaser commercial for the local news at 11 said get ready for the white stuff by the end of the week. The BF said we are just expected to get flurries. Snow this early? Oh hell no! I’m just getting used to the onslaught of cold weather that came out of no where instead of gradually creeping up. Though the fact that they are calling for any kind of snow this early, I have to wonder what that means for our winter. Possibly thanks to the not scientifically proven global warming we have gotten jipped on snow the past few years. We’ve had unusually warm winters, which probably means we are due for an unusually horrid winter sooner or later. I have wanted a big snow storm the past few years, maybe this is my year? I might live to regret all that wishing, though a white Christmas would make it worth it.

Fran, my Tex-Ass friend got permission from her hubby to come out and visit me, unescorted. That of course means trouble, and we are not the board game. We are working on coordinating with Nica to come out the same time, looking around February. Kim are you out there? Come on down! The BF will be off, so we can all take a day/night trip to NY to see some shows as well as the city. We are trying to brace Fran for the possible cold ass weather. Though with my luck it will end up being the warmest winter yet! Thank you Al Gore for controlling the weather you heat miser!


A Grinch Stole My Christmas

Just sharing another one of my wacky dreams! Last night I dreamt I was in a mall, and this one store, which is where KayBee Toys used to be, had a sign out front saying “Closing, everything inside is free.” I figured hey free, I’m going to go get some free stuff! So imagine my surprise when I found a Christmas tree, almost bare, with a few recognizable ornaments left on it. Hey these are mine! Other decorations were mine too, including one broken nativity piece. I got on the phone and called home and told me brother “Go in the back room and see if the boxes of Christmas stuff are there. Gone! Someone had stolen and given away my Christmas! I was devastated. The man who apparently was giving away my stuff came in to see why I was basically frantically grabbing everything. I remember yelling obscenities at him as this was my stuff which was stolen! I soon woke up, so I don’t think I got Christmas back.

It Went Just Okay

So I gave the lecture at the farm today. It went okay. I got up early, but the time I spoke was pushed back to the point where I could have slept in more, a lot more. The injustice! Anyway, I winged the whole thing as I just didn’t know what to say, giving a broad and general talk and a much abbreviated history (I think I basically skipped a good 6000 years) and then allowing and answering questions. Being a perfectionist, I realized had I bothered to make a little outline I could have been a whole lot better. However it was a talk to fifth graders, so I think they were impressed enough. They had really good questions and I answered all of them actually. I might have to do this again in 2 weeks, so I will have experience to build on.

On Saturday Emily is coming over for fun night. We are going to yummy PF Changs for dinner first. I told her I think it will be my last meat meal, then I’ll try being a vegetarian for awhile. She said her money was on me not lasting a month. I told her she was a bitch. She said she was and proud of it . . . . . bitch. So anyway, after dinner we’ll probably watch a movie then go through the corn maze, or maybe do the corn maze first depending on time. This is the last weekend for the corn maze then it gets torn down, and I really do want to do it before it goes away (especially since the theme is Native Americans this year).