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October Has Arrived!

We have been having an Indian Summer lately, it’s been very warm, oddly warm. Well today that all changed. The rain and cold came in last night and today it was down right nippy out. It wasn’t November weather, but we are definitely in October finally. Brrrrrr! Goodbye shorts!

Keith is coming this weekend and tomorrow I have to take Percy Cat to the vet in the morning and meet friends for dinner and a movie in the city in the afternoon. They picked out some event at a local theater where the movies’ producers and director are coming out. The movie really isn’t my cup of tea, but whatever. It should be interesting. It’s the Darjelee Letter, or something like that. Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, Jason Schwartzman star in it and play three brothers reconnecting after years.

My schedule tomorrow coupled with Keith being here Saturday-Monday has me scattered. . . . actually mentally screaming in my head. Ahhhhhh! I feel like I have so much to do, I’m not sure where I’m going to find the time to get it done! Keith’s gunna be playing some videogames at some point to occupy him while I take a work time out.

Saturday night we are hitting Eastern State Penitentiary to do “Terror Behind The Walls.” I think this is my third trip doing it, I’m expecting it to be a blast. The second time was better than the first, so this can only be better than the previous two! For those who don’t know what this is, they turn one of the oldest (actually I think it’s the oldest) and most famous prison’s in the country into a giant haunted house. It really is fun, and the atmosphere of the prison ads to it. It’s also considered one of the top 10 haunted house attractions in the country, and the prison itself is often featured in various “real ghost stories” type specials on travel channel and discovery.

The weekend after I am going to New York City Saturday night to meet up with Emily. We are going to see Xanadu on Broadway. We are in Xanaduuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

I Killed Bambi!

So this has been a terrible day. I headed out this morning to go get myself a sandwich for lunch, only to end up killing Bambi. Literally maybe 100 feet down the road from the house a deer runs out into the street in front of me. I hit the breaks, but not fast enough. I hit the deer head on, and watched it literally fly into the air and off to the side of the road.

I had to turn around and come back, someone behind me had stopped and called the police already. So I had to sit around and wait. The terrible thing was the deer was still alive and just kept looking at me, like it knew I had killed it. The cops came and took down my info. They then had to stop all traffic and shoot the deer! Uhg, it made me sick to my stomach.

The car, miraculously, wasn’t damaged at all. Of course the huge irony in all of this is that the family had been battling with the township for years over the deer problem in the area and on the farm. The deer were destroying entire crops year after year, and the township wasn’t willing to help as they didn’t want to look like the bad guys, the deer killers. There were even huge protests last year over the idea that the deer might be hunted on the farm. Eventually the farm was able to get funding and put a fence up all around the place to keep the deer out, but this of course just means they become everyone else’s problem. Needless to say, 100 feet from the farm, I’m the one who ends up running into a deer!

The Fair, The House

So Saturday was the big middle school flea market fair thingy. Got up at the fun fun hour of 5am to get ready, get their and set up. Had to set up a table, the merchandise and a tent. Unfortunately the weather was dismal. It was overcast and foggy, which I think kept people away. Of course the afternoon was sunny and wonderful, figures. We did sell about 237 dollars worth of stuff, and I think did far better than most of the people there. They had junk (think yard sale) and we had all the food basically. So we had something people actually needed lol.

I finally finished the house, with the exception of carving some pumpkins for the doorstep. I’ll probably do that this week. However I haven’t carved a pumpkin probably since I was a kid, so I don’t know how I’ll do. I’ll probably swipe some pumpkln carving stencils 🙂

I made Jason Vorhees and hug him up. The poor guy has some body dismorphic issues I’m afraid. Real issues, not the kind in his head. Honestly, I’m worried he’ll have fallen down by morning given the haphazardly way I hung him. If so I’ll have to do a better job. I also really needed to actually stich all his clothes together and then stuff him it seems, which I know now and will prepare for next year. As is I just stuffed him using the technieuqe I knew. It’s great for sitting a scarecrow like this on your porch, not so good for hanging one up though! I’m also a tad allergic to the straw, so now I’m itching like mad along my arms.

img_4324.jpg img_4332.jpg img_4333.jpg
img_4335.jpg img_4336.jpg img_4337.jpg

I Have A Decorating Addiction!

I hit the Halloween store today and I’m not buying anything else! I’m serious, I’m done done done! I got what I needed, I forbid myself to buy any more decorations. Otherwise I’ll end up on one of those Discovery or TLC shows as one of those people with too much time on their hands decorating their homes! So anyways I got the extra tombstones, as well as this ghost thing to hang in the attic window. It actually moves up and down, which I thought would be fun. However it howls at the same time, which would keep us up all night. So I just have it hanging and off for now. Oh I got a strobe light for the attic as well, so I have a red pulsing light up there now! Spooky! I finally got a Jason Vorhees mask and machete, so I’m making a “Jason” scarecrow to hang up this weekend. The final decorations will probably be some carved pumpkins when I get a chance.



Speaking of ghosts . . . . we had some contact with the otherside last night. Of course I’m sitting around watching “Stir of Echoes” when all this happens, which didn’t add to the situation. The living room got REALLY cold, the dogs groweled at something unseen . . . then I swear something touched my hair! I wasn’t very pleased. I checked my “ghost detector” on my phone, and it was off the charts.

Finally tomorrow I have the pleasure of getting up at the ass crack of dawn to kid sit. I have to accompany the BF’s nephew to his middle school flea market. He wanted to participate, selling donuts and pumpkins from the farm, but needed a grown-up. Everyone but me was taken, so I got volunteered. I’m going to regret agreeing to this I’m sure, especially since it goes for 5 hours! I’ll be taking my Nintendo DS or PSP with me. I’d love to take my laptop and attempt to work, but somehow I know that isn’t going to happen.

I can’t believe I have to go back to Middle School. I hated it the first time I was there!


More Decorations

I pretty much got the lighting situation finished today. I am making the zombie/scarecrows this weekend to simply hang on the right side of the porch. I am picking up 3 more tombstones tomorrow for the right side of the yard. I finished the spiderwebs in the bushes to the point where I’m satisfied with them 🙂 I’m forgoing anything else, like bodies, in the yard as I’m already having issues keeping Niko from watering the tombstones I have 🙂 I am thinking the attic needs more, because the red light essentially highlights a support beam. I’m going to try and pick up some kind of ghost/ghoul/skeleton to put in front of the window and highlight with the red light. Oh we had a “hand” hanging around, so I added it to the front door.





I started decorating today. Everything of course is still a work in progress. I have two more bags of spider webs to put in the bushes in front of the house (who knew what an annoyance and pain trying to pull cotton apart would be). I need some more tomb stones, I STILL need to make the zombies to hang from the porch, and the lighting is still a work in progress. I’m probably going to TarJay again tomorrow to get more red light bulbs as I have a few more ideas to try.

img_4284.jpg img_4285.jpg img_4286.jpg

img_4288.jpg img_4292.jpg img_4298.jpg


Getting Ready For Halloween

So I went and spent an OBSCENE amount of money at a store yesterday on Halloween decorations. However I went in with a plan, knowing what I wanted and I got almost all of it 🙂 I need to get some latex zombie masks and maybe a hockey mask ala Jason and I should be good to go. I’ll probably just go to TarJay to pick them up.

Tomorrow I’m going to try and tackle the weeds in the front yard. Originally I thought the overgrown unkempt look would add to the ambiance, but I can’t actually access a few bushes I want to use because of some ugly overgrown weeds. So I need to cut them down unfortunately.

I’m going to try and get the majority of the decorations up starting on Friday. I have a spider web and a giant spider, a bag of bones (which I’m affixing to the web), a grave yard for the lawn, some “spooky fabric” to hang on the porch in some key places and some spider web stuff to stretch over a few of the bushes and maybe places on the porch. I’m going to make scarecrows at the farm and put the masks on them. I want one behind one tombstone, one acting like it’s digging itself up from the other and one or two hanging from nooses on the porch.

The most difficult thing to pull off is actually going to be lighting. We have an attic window that faces the street, so I’m putting a red bulb in a lamp and sticking in there for the “Amityville” like effect. I need some kind of yard lighting for the cemetery, which is easy enough to find at Home Depot, but I really want colored bulbs to add to the effect. I may have to try hitting some of the Halloween Superstores in the area. I also want flicker bulbs for all the porch lights, which should be easy enough to get from a Christmas store in the area that is year round.

Of course I’ll take plenty of pictures and document the whole transformation of the house 🙂 I think I might be able to use this for a videoblog as well haha!