Getting Ready For Halloween

So I went and spent an OBSCENE amount of money at a store yesterday on Halloween decorations. However I went in with a plan, knowing what I wanted and I got almost all of it 🙂 I need to get some latex zombie masks and maybe a hockey mask ala Jason and I should be good to go. I’ll probably just go to TarJay to pick them up.

Tomorrow I’m going to try and tackle the weeds in the front yard. Originally I thought the overgrown unkempt look would add to the ambiance, but I can’t actually access a few bushes I want to use because of some ugly overgrown weeds. So I need to cut them down unfortunately.

I’m going to try and get the majority of the decorations up starting on Friday. I have a spider web and a giant spider, a bag of bones (which I’m affixing to the web), a grave yard for the lawn, some “spooky fabric” to hang on the porch in some key places and some spider web stuff to stretch over a few of the bushes and maybe places on the porch. I’m going to make scarecrows at the farm and put the masks on them. I want one behind one tombstone, one acting like it’s digging itself up from the other and one or two hanging from nooses on the porch.

The most difficult thing to pull off is actually going to be lighting. We have an attic window that faces the street, so I’m putting a red bulb in a lamp and sticking in there for the “Amityville” like effect. I need some kind of yard lighting for the cemetery, which is easy enough to find at Home Depot, but I really want colored bulbs to add to the effect. I may have to try hitting some of the Halloween Superstores in the area. I also want flicker bulbs for all the porch lights, which should be easy enough to get from a Christmas store in the area that is year round.

Of course I’ll take plenty of pictures and document the whole transformation of the house 🙂 I think I might be able to use this for a videoblog as well haha!



3 Responses to “Getting Ready For Halloween”

jeremy Says:

You should have had a can of spray shallack and when that spider wove that web on your front porch, saved it for posterity. It was free! Now you will have to post pics of your decorating prowess…



Becky Says:

Wow !!!! Can’t wait until you do show us what you have done.


Aravis Says:

I can’t wait to see what it’s like when it’s done!