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Labor Day

Who knew Labor Day could be so hard? For a day I had no soaps to watch and should have gotten so much done, I didn’t. I was beat today, then again I was woken up early AGAIN for the third straight day by the brother, who leaves tomorrow. Alas the doggies go to the groomers and I have other things to do, so it’s up early again! I actually want to get on an earlier schedule than I am, which means going to bed earlier! This will be tough, I’m a night owl . . . mainly cause I’m stressed and it’s when I can finally wind down and enjoy TV and what not.

Tonight we FINALLY got out to see “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” It was better than I expected, and a lot better than the book. Sure they left a lot out, a whole lot, but as the books got longer there was no way to get everything in like with the first 2-3 films. I know I probably shouldn’t say it was better than the book, as Potter fans will come down on me. However to me this book was the stinker of the series, and just frustrating to get through. Therefore I actually did enjoy the movie better than the book this time around. I loved Deloris and Luna, they were fantastic!


Way Back When . . .

I was ten when the original Live Aid happened. I remember it being an all day event on MTV, but I was ten and my attention couldn’t be held. When They did Live 8 a few years ago I was there in Philly with friends. We got there early enough to get waaaay up close.

Anyways searching on the net tonight I came upon this clip of Queen’s performance at the original. There is something creepy yet fascinating about the entire crowd doing the moves to “Radio Ga Ga.”

We Don

but obviously from this video it really does help to make a good time!

This obviously is a remake, the original however doesn’t have all these naked menz. This is by some girl group Clea, no idea who they are, probably big in Europe.

It seems EVERY time I get into the car lately I either here Jermaine Stewart’s original version of this song, or Lisa Lisa and the Cult Jam doing “I wonder if I take you home.” I’m not sure what the fixation a local station has with these two songs lately, other than I think they’ve both been recently sampled. Some band (Gym Class Heroes) has done an absolute terrible remake of the song. I’m so ready for rap/hip-hop to burn out as the “it” form of music that only gets radio play. Isn’t it time yet?


Cutting Basil


Picture phone snap, not the best quality 🙂