So of course my maladies travel in pairs. I am finally getting over my cold when disaster struck. In our hall closet we have a step ladder hanging on the door. I took it out to do cleaning today, put it back, but apparently didn’t hang it up well enough. I went back to the closet later to get the small vacuum out to do dusting and the ladder fell . . . . . right onto my big toe. I screamed like my toe had been cut off. It’s been bleeding and throbbing for a few hours now. Of course the idiot I am, I continued to clean the kitchen after I cleaned it up. That probably hasn’t helped. I need to lay down and elevate it. I don’t think the toe is broken, but I have a bad feeling the nail may be a goner in a few days. I’m not a happy camper tonight. At least “Evita” is on TV so I have something to listen to.



2 Responses to “ET Says OUCH!”

Christine Says:

OUCH! From one fellow clean freak to another, I admire your zeal for a clean kitchen! LOL
That said, take a break from all work, elevate that foot as you say and ice the toe. You want to wrap the toe (especially the nail) in a damp (not wet) bandage so that the bandage and blood don’t stick/dry to one another….if that happens, you’ll likley lose the nail. Plus ice cream or chocolate will help for sure! :o)


Aravis Says:

That sucks! I hope you’re relaxing now, taking care of that toe and enjoying Evita!