As in Clarke you dirty minded people! It’s officially New Years Eve. The countdown to 2007 is on. I made the mistake of looking at the menu of the place we are eating at tonight. I did not realize it was a Medeteranian themed restaurant. My friend loves it and she made the reservation. I figured if she liked it I would. Well I’m not sure what I’ll be eatting yet as there is a lot, I mean a lot, of seafood on the menu. I am not a seafood fan.

Here is hoping everyone has a happy and safe new year!



8 Responses to “Let’s Get This Party Started! Where’s Dick?”

DWQ Online Says:

Have fun going out. 🙂 Will be bringing in the new year at a club myself. 🙂 I wish you a safe and happy start to ’07.


jeremy Says:

Happy New Year Dustin. Enjoy the night out, relax and breathe…



Ricky Says:

HAVE A SAFE, SANE NEW YEAR!!!!! So you can remember it for years to come.PS Have some vegetarian food like Fallafel.


Debby Says:

Have a super and safe New Year!


Heather Says:

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!


Aravis Says:

Have a wonderful New Year full of adventure and fun, and far less stress than 2006!


Steve Says:

Happy New Year, Dustin!


DavidMo Says:

Happy New Year!