Quick Blog!

Drove home to Jersey today. So I’m pooped. We went grocery shopping as there was no food in the house. The BF had the house spic n span when I got home, which was nice 🙂 Exchanged our gifts. He got me bubble lights! I’ll post a photo of them later. His niece and nephews gave him a Rubik’s Snake, which I’m currently playing with. I saw them at the mall when I was shopping, though they call it something else now. We still have our original snakes, which were bigger. I like them better, but hey it’s still fun.



3 Responses to “Quick Blog!”

Aravis Says:

I used to play with those Rubiks all the time, turning it into a cobra. *G*


Sorted Lives Says:

LOL — have to laugh. Wenchy INSISTED on bubble lites for the tree this year. They actually look great!! Hope your holidays were great


DWQ Online Says:

What in the heck are bubble lights? Can you hubby come make my house spic-n-span?