I got the last tree up tonight. This one went in my room. It used to go downstairs in the rec room, but there isn’t much place to put it anymore. The last year or two I put it in my room where I can appreciate it. It’s a mini-tree with the miniature Hallmark ornaments. Notice all the various little nativity scenes around too. Yes I really do have millions of them 🙂 I also have ornament versions to hang on the trees as well.

Speaking of Christmas, nativities and what not . . . it seems there has been a lot less coverage of “The War On Christmas” this year. GOOD! Maybe people got sick of covering it. Last year it’s all I seemed to hear about. Having to constantly hear about the “War on Christmas” was more of a Debbie Downer than the actual “War On Christmas.”

Speaking of the “War On Christmas” I recently read an article on a certain “Family” ASSociation’s website. They went on and on about how there is a move by liberals to secularize the holiday and take Christ out of it . . . . and then went on to give examples using SHOPPING. Yeah, because we all know Christmas is really about presents. D’oh!


PS I forgot to address the almost part 🙂 I have a bag of all these Christmas stuffed animals I have to place around the basement, which is my brother’s domain. There is no Christmas down there right now.

3 Replies to “Done Decorating . . . Almost”

  1. This is a nice little setup!

    That War On Christmas thing last year has me paranoid this year. If you say “Merry Christmas,” you’re wrong. If you say “Happy Holidays,” you’re wrong. So I just say whichever springs to mind first and to hell with ’em.

    Great Christmas spirit, eh?

  2. Are you going to decorate the bathrooms too ? I heard on CNN that little Christmas trees are popular for the bathrooms this year more than ever!

  3. Yeah no. I think my Granma used to put an angle candle in there, and she had this funny toilet seat cover. It had santa on the top going ho ho ho then when you life the lid he was covering his eyes and it said oh oh oh!

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