I present the paper, it’s over! Yeah! As with most stuff I do I felt it could have been a lot better. I thought I was going to pass out when I first went to give it, yikes! I soon got over the public speaking fear though. I got a lot of people I don’t know tell me it was a really good paper and a few people asked me to email it to them if I wouldn’t mind.

Anyways I’m off to see if I can find the people from school who are also here in this hotel hell in the middle of nowhere.

Oh I went to the dog show for a bit today. I didn’t get to see my doggie breeds though, they were to go on when I was giving my paper 🙁



3 Responses to “It’s Over!”

jeremy Says:

YAY !! he survived … I hope you will write more about the experience when you get home.



Aravis Says:


*doing a happy dance*

Aren’t we usually our worst critics? It sounds as though you did an excellent job judging by the response you got. I’m so incredibly happy for you!


KipEsquire Says:

So was your paper “best in show”? 😉