The Most (Fill In the Blank) Episode of Law And Order

As luck would have it I did wind up with a nice migraine last night. Took half a percocet and went to bed. It’s lingering today, I’m about to take another half. I don’t know how well I will be able to proof and edit my work with percocet on the brain, but probably better than with a migraine.

The new commercials for “Law and Order” have Chevy Chase guest starring and spoofing the whole Mel Gibson DUI incident. I do not and have never watched “Law and Order.” I just have no desire. My friend Laura likes it, but as she points out between regular TV stations and TBS/TNT you can watch “Law and Order” every day all day if you wanted to. She’s right! Back to the topic at hand. Chevy Chase is spoofing Mel Gibson in “The most talked about Law and Order episode ever” according to the commercials. Is it my imagination or is every episode of “Law and Order” the “most shocking” “most talked about” or “most riveting” episode ever? They need better commercials.



One Response to “The Most (Fill In the Blank) Episode of Law And Order”

Aravis Says:

I used to love the show, but now I only watch if I feel like it. It didn’t always do a “ripped from the headlines” storyline. They used to think up and write original scripts. I miss that. As for their “shocking” ads, I’m with you. It’s so old.