Another D

This is from the American Family ASSociation . . .

(AgapePress) – Many American scientists are excited that “Lucy,” an allegedly 3.2-million-year-old skeleton, will be coming to the United States next year. Creationists, however, are predicting that Lucy’s tour will be much more about promoting the theory of evolution than about expanding real scientific knowledge.

Um, do they realize what morons they look like for making this statement? They make the claim that scientists don’t want to expand real scientific knowledge in the same paragraph in which they cast doubt on the age of Lucy. In all my years in anthropology I have never heard anyone claims Lucy wasn’t as old as she’s been dated to be. Then again we are probably talking about people who still think the world is only 6000 years old.



3 Responses to “Another D’oh! Moment From The Anti-Evolutionists”

karen Says:

it was probably written by some uneducated person who has no idea what they are talking about. oh, and this i found ironic, yesterday in my intro to anthropology class, my professor was talking about different ways for us to research our papers. when he was showing up this one way to search journals, you know what topic he pulled out of his head to use as an example? same sex marriage, since it was just in the news. how funny i thought.


Kiwigirl Says:

You think that is bad I work with someone who doesn’t believe Dinosaurs ever exsisted. She believes it’s all a farse created by humans


Dustin Says:

I have run into people like that 🙂 I also was once told they were put in the ground by Satan to confuse us.

There are still people who think the moon landing was all a government hoax as well.