Spreading The Music

I feel a bit bad that I have only been blogging every other day or two, and that I haven’t been able to leave comments on everyone else’s blog. Dissertating sucks! Anyways I thought I’d spread the music around 🙂 This video has been making the rounds of lots of blogs lately. I have to say I LOVE it!

The band is Valeze and they are from New York. It appears they don’t have a label yes. You can download tons of their songs from the web at FreeIndie.com & FreeIndie.com Site #2. They are also on MySpace.com.

If you enjoy this video check their other stuff out. They have a No Doubt meets Blondie meets The Clash with a bit of Garbage thrown in about them.



One Response to “Spreading The Music”

KipEsquire Says:

You owe us no explanations. 🙂