Feast: Two Thumbs Up! An American Haunting: Two Thumbs Way Down!

So Halloween is fast approaching and I thought I should recommend a few good movies. As it happens I just watched “Feast” recently and loved it! It was the movie produced from the last season of Bravos “Project Greenlight.”

There isn’t much plot wise honestly. A group of people are in a bar one night when suddenly monsters descend upon it. They then have to fight for their lives. It’s your basic monster movie formula really. What makes it good is that the cast is very diverse, they do things you aren’t expecting at all, the effects were great and in some cases absolutely disgusting and finally it mixed horror with really good comedy. This movie is a win win all the way around and you can’t go wrong with it. If you need a deep story and explanations though you will probably not like it.

One movie to avoid at all costs is “An American Haunting.” I watched this last night. What a waste of time and shelf space. This movie was just so terrible. If say it happened to appear on Lifetime or even ABC Family then I’d say it was acceptable quality for a made for cable flick. For a theatrical release though? No way! Not scary at all and the story, while interesting, disappoints big time at the end. Two thumbs way down.

I still have to watch “Slither” so when I do I’ll let you know what I think about it.



3 Responses to “Feast: Two Thumbs Up! An American Haunting: Two Thumbs Way Down!”

The MovieBuff Says:

I watched Feast over the weekend and I liked it too. I thought it was very funny and gory at the same time.


Debby Says:

I loved Feast too. I saw it at a midnight showing about a month ago and had a great time. I just loved the character titles! I just wish it had been a regular movie release as I think it would have gotten good word of mouth and ended up making money.


Becky Says:

After seeing all the great reviews about this movie I definitely going to rent this one !