The New Television Season and Change of Plans

So the new television season has begun. What are you watching or looking forward to? Last night I tried to watch that “Jericho” show, but it didn’t hold my interest. Tonight I tuned into “Grey’s Anatomy,” I so want Meredith to choose the vet (whose name I forget, begins with an F I think). Afterwards I watched this show “Six Degrees,” only because I was too lazy to put a DVD in. I really enjoyed it, I’ll be tuning in next week. You can watch it for free on if you missed the premier. The one show I’m really looking forward to is NBC’s “Heroes.” Oh and for fellow “Medium” fans, NBC has made the grave error of not bringing it on till next year during the winter! Grrr!

Meanwhile I was supposed to go home on Saturday, I had tentative plans with friends that night up home, but now I don’t know what I’m going to do. My aunt and uncle come in next week with all their doggies. I wanted to see them and wanted them to finally meet my dogs. My aunt is who got me attached to terriers. They have 2 westies and another terrier, the type I can’t think of to save my life right now. It’s related to a yorkie but only a little bigger. Anyways, they are coming in on Tuesday! I had it in my head they’d be in next weekend, I can’t believe September is almost over. I have to solidify what I’m supposed to be doing with my friends and come up with a game plan. It’s either going to be a movie night at my place (scary movies) followed by the corn maze and more movies . . . . or movie night, corn maze and then go out dancing. I’m all for dancing!



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Aravis Says:

I’m also really looking forward to “Heroes.” Also to “Ghost Whisperer” and “Close to Home” to see how they handle last season’s major twists. I love “Bones” which began last week, and I’m on the fence about Standoff. The big one, for me right now, will be the return of “Gilmore Girls” on Tuesday. Talk about cliffhangers! I can’t wait to see how the new writers work Lorelai out of the mess the old ones left her in! There’s just so many good shows. “House” started up again. I just love House. I don’t care how much of an ass he is, I’d still want him for my doctor. Besides, the grumpier he is the more he amuses me! And I recorded the CSI premiere, so I’d better wrap this up so I can go watch it. ;0)


KipEsquire Says:

I wait for stuff to come out on DVD. Right now I’m Netflixing:

Desperate Housewives s.2
Lost s.2
House M.D. s.2
Nip/Tuck s.3
BSG s2.5

I’m playing catch-up on Stargate SG-1 (s.5) and Will & Grace (s.5).

Also Rome (HBO).

Caught up and waiting for more on NYPD Blue, West Wing, Sopranos.

If my queue shortens (unlikely), then I might take up Grey’s Anatomy.

What’s more interesting perhaps are the shows that I’ve given up on, either in subsequent seasons (24, The Shield), or after one or two episodes (Firefly, The Wire, Deadwood, Entourage).


Dustin Says:

Wow you guys watch more TV than me lol!


KipEsquire Says:

Not really — one episode a night — which is why my Netflix queue is maxed out. 😉


Becky Says:

Since I met Jason, Grant, Steve and Brain (TAPS) from Ghost Hunters recently I will be looking for the new season on ScFi.


Betty Says:

Heroes on NBC is going to be the break out hit of the season! Look out Lost because here comes Heroes! I can’t wait until Monday night!


redfrog27 Says:

I love 7th heaven I am so happy its back
also CSI and ER and blue collar tv


redfrog27 Says:

forgot Gilmore Girls oh how could i forget that


Aravis Says:

I watch tv between 8-12 pm usually. I just have different shows on different nights. I’m like KipEsquire too in that I use my Netflix account to catch up with back episodes, or shows that I missed during its original release. These are things I watch late at night after blogging when I can’t sleep. :0)