Where Did I Put My Hands? AKA Don

At some point yesterday I touched something I shouldn’t have and then rubbed my eye. This summer my eyes have been killing me because of my allergies, so I’ve been rubbing them a lot. Yeah I know this is bad. Well this morning I woke up to find the skin under my right eye all swollen and inflamed. Ick! I took a benadryl hoping that would help it go down. It has, but it also made me tired all day. Every task seemed to take me ages to get done.

Hopefully by tomorrow morning I’ll be back to normal. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to get up by 7am so I can get to the gym around 8am. More likely I’ll get there between 9 and 10am though. I’ll report back on whether I was able to do this early morning feat.

After that yummy pasta I had last night I once again decided I wanted a pasta maker. The Popiel Pasta maker, while the cheapest, seems to get mixed reviews. The other machines I just can’t see myself spending that much money for. After thinking it over, I really would just want to make ravioli or tortellini, and most pasta makers don’t do that. The closest they get is lasagna noodles, which you could make into the others. However Emily told me just make the dough, roll it out and cut it! I do have a bread-maker so I could easily use that to mix the dough. So that’s the plan, some weekend Emily and I are going to experiment with making raviolis 🙂



3 Responses to “Where Did I Put My Hands? AKA Don’t Touch That!”

Aravis Says:

Ugh, I hope your eye is better soon! That homemade pasta sounds good. Like you, I enjoy carbs and am looking forward to this new diet concept which will allow me to have those foods I’ve been denying myself. Moderation is key, eh? We’ll see. *G*


Amy Says:

This has been a horrible year for allergies. I have had hayfever since I can remember. This year has been so bad that I have avoided going outside. I finally had enough and I went to the doctor. It takes a lot for me to go to the doctor. He gave me one steroid shot that is suppose to last through the season, a prescription for Flonase and a prescription for Allegra. What a difference, I can breath and my eyes only itch every once in a while and for that I just use the Visine Allergy drops. Having allergies is like being sick everyday for a month. I suggest biting the bullet and going to the doctor.


Kelly Says:

I make homemade ravioli the old fashioned way once a year with my Grandmother. It is so yummy! Nothing beats homemade pasta. With the left over dough I make spagetti and give a plate to a few of my friends. Lots of work but worth it. Now I’m craving it.