Air Filter, Allergies, Diet and Stress Updates

After running the air filters for about three days I think they are helping a lot. I can see from the filters they are collecting all sorts of dust and pet hair. When I go upstairs now I don’t immediately close up. I’m not saying they are a savior, I still get congested from time to time, but it’s not as much it seems. Nothing is a perfect solution, I realize that. However they get a thumbs up as far as I’m concerned. I may go back and buy a third for the bedroom. I found on that there is a medium sized tower that also include the electronic ionizer, something my larger room filters don’t include. If you spend a bit more money you can also get ones with life lasting hepa-filters, mine require changing every few months. I bought mine at Tar Jay, they had a good selection and all the filter replacements as well.

I briefly considered getting another big one for the basement, then realized I doubt it would do any good. Like most older homes, the basement in this one is not finished (ie a concrete nightmare). It’s were the cat pans are, the washer and dryer are, a make-shift handyman shop and of course storage storage storage. It probably also hasn’t been cleaned EVER. It’s one of those basements you go into and just go “Gross!” My grandma’s basement was like that for ages, until we had it remodelled and now it’s nice and livable. Given our basement’s tendency to flood with heavy rains, that’s not an option. Still I want to clean it so damn bad! I wonder if a good cleaning of it would help my allergies. My boyfriend says the only thing it would do would make me feel better (emotionally, not physically). He’s probably right. Still one of these days when I have the time, I’m cleaning that basement. It will shine like the top of the Chrysler building and then I will put air filters down there to help keep it that way!

In other health news, my diet has been eeehhh. I have been eating far too many carbs I think, my weight goes down and then back up. I’m stuck between some numbers, numbers I’d rather not be stuck between. I’ve come to realize I just really need to exercise, I think that is the key for me. I said a week or two ago I would strive to get to the gym at least 3 days a week. So far that has yet to happen. After another day of stress and being set off by every little thing I realize I HAVE to get to the gym, I think exercise will not only help me physically but mentally and emotionally at this point. I’d really love to start back tomorrow, but Fridays are a terribly busy day all around for me. I’d have to get out of bed much earlier than I’d like and go to gym first thing in the morning, something I don’t see happening at this moment. We’ll see. If not I will force myself to Rollerblade or play Dance Dance Revolution for a good long time at some point tomorrow. Come Saturday my ass will be at that gym though.



3 Responses to “Air Filter, Allergies, Diet and Stress Updates”

Aravis Says:

It’s good to take one day off a week from working out, so why not make it Fridays? Like you, I find exercise helps me mentally as well as physically. I’d just started working out again recently, and then came down with a two-day migraine and its after-effects. I’ll wait another day or so before I start up again, which I guess puts me at Saturday as well. Good luck to you! :0)


DWQ Online Says:

About two weeks ago I would have laughed but after going to the gym regularly, I can already tell a difference in mental health as well.

I would love to Rollerblade but I’m not smart enough to do it. I just don’t get it.


Dustin Says:

As I thought I didn’t make it to the gym thismorning, and by time I am done doing what I’m doing, it will be too close to the 5’o’clock rush. Though given it’s friday it might not be bad, people are probably headed to the Jersey Shore.

I am definately going Sat and Sunday, and then perhaps Tuesday and Thursdays during the week as those are slower work days for me.

If you can ice skate (even badly) you can roller blade. It’s easier than it looks.