Yet another blog meme from myspace, this one I stole from Tami. Meme’s came up in chat last night and it was asked what a Meme was, assuming we were discussing Mimi. Is it sad that I’m able to define meme without having to look it up?

Anyways, here is the meme . . .

If you score less than 17 on this, then you haven’t had a normal childhood.(and perhaps require therapy) one [x] = one point

[x] climbed a tree
[x] built a treehouse
[X] had some kind of stuffed animal when little and still have it in your house
[x] had a sleepover at your house
[x] chugged some kinda soda (not water) with friends
total: 5

[x]watched sesame street more than 10 times
[x] seen one of the following movies: Shrek, Disney’s Cinderella, Lion King, Sleeping Beauty
[x] read the book, Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
[x] faked being sick
[x] faked being sick and gotten away with it
total: 5

[x]ordered pizza
[x] had a "hold ur breath underwater" contest
[ ] played a full game of ping pong
[x] ridden a bike with a friend
[x] used the phrase lol in real life, not on the computer

[X] watched the show Arthur on pbs
[x] played pac man not online
[x] held a nintendo controller
[ ]been skiing
[x] heard the song stairway to heaven
total: 4

[x] seen at least 10 minutes of American Idol
[x] able to name 3 actors/actresses on OC
[x] watched Mary Poppins
[ ] had a shout out list on profile
[x] kicked or thrown a soccerball/football
total: 4

So my score is 22. Okay who came up with these questions? 


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  1. I guess this doesn’t work if you are over a certian age. They didn’t even have computers when I was a kid. There was no OC or American Idol, not to mention Shrek and the Lion King, Oh well, I guess I am dating myself so I better stop before I get in any deeper, LOL.

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