I spoke too soon about the San Fran vacation, it looks to be off. Actually, it pretty much is 🙁

My two friends still want me to do Vegas in August with them (I know, hot as hell). I’ll see about that.


2 Replies to “I Totally Jinxed It!”

  1. Try and hit the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. You won’t be disappointed by the spectacular views. You can take a Helicopter tour out of Vegas to, I believe, the North Rim of the GC (I think the tour place is next to M&M world on the strip) and the Dam is only 30 miles east of Vegas on the AZ border. Not as spectacular as the GC, but still awesome none the less.

  2. ok San Fran is out now? What happened 🙁 I am still not sure if we are going to Tahoe in July, like we usually do. I really need to stay here and work, and save my $$ for my England trip in Sept (IF I still go.. that remains to be seen). Keep me posted … I like to take trips!

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