Does anyone have any experience with these type of dog pens? They can be used indoor and outdoor, I would be purchasing it for outside. I do not have a fenced in yard, so I have to walk my little monsters. They love being outside, but I can’t leave them out on their own. I was considering getting one of these and either some pannel extensions, or just buying two of them and joining them. Thought I’d ask if anyone had experiences with them. First I’m going to just try ground stakes and heavy duty leashes to see if they will put up with being outside without me. At my mom’s house the yard is so big and fenced in that they are fine, here and leashed up or penned in they might not like it as much.


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  1. We had an enclosure similar to this when we went camping with puppies once…about the size of Nikko…..they climbed right over the top…..otherwise it was great! LOL If they aren’t climbers, this might be great….

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