The Brave, Scratch that, Magical Little Puppy

I still haven’t named him, and I have to decide soon. He goes to the vet in 3 hours and I have to AKC register him. Not only has this little pup been able to climb a huge set of stairs, something Princess never dares to do indoors, he fricken got out of his crate last night somehow! At the moment I’m considering naming him Houdini!

update: I’ve decided the puppy definitely needs some kind of magically influenced name. Therefore I’m putting a new list together and am determined to decide by tonight!

TW Oz is still in the running, I’d just call him TW
Loki, the Norse god of magic and trickery
Magus (pronounced May-Gus), though it sounds too much like Maggots
King Oberon (I wanted to go with Puck, but that reminds me of that jerk from Real World).
Merlin is just too common of a magical name to use.

I have a book on Wizards my mom gave me for Christmas. I’ll look through it for some ideas as well. There are also good names from Harry Potter books I could use as well, but some of them might be bad luck (like to call him a character that has been or will be killed off in the next book!)



3 Responses to “The Brave, Scratch that, Magical Little Puppy”

Amy Says:

How about Raistlin? From Dragon Lance….


Rebecca Says:

my dog used to get out of his cage as well, even if we locked it! He ended up destroying the metal crate after about 2 months…..


Dustin Says:

Raistlin wasn’t a very nice guy though 🙂 I’ve always liked Fizban, but it’s not the greatest name for a dog. I’m trying to recal Carmen’s kids name, though he was somewhat of a snot.