Christmas Over, New Years Yet To Come

So Christmas is gone, over, past. The next big holiday is New Years! I’m so looking forward to this, but right now plans are in shambles. Right now I’m supposed to spend the New Years with my friends, we’ll call them Marla and her out of town friend Nicole, Lila, Amelie and Jonathan. Kristen and Kevin may also be joining us. Because of the holidays we have been spread out over a few states. We are all making are way back to the Philly area this week. Since we’ve been spread out, talking and making plans hasn’t been that easy. Some of us are harder to get a hold of than others. We also don’t know what everyone can commit to. Some of us want to dance, some want to do dinner before dancing, we all want to drink and be merry. We haven’t picked a place to eat. Because it’s New Years, most places will require reservations and most will have some flat 60 dollar or higher dinner fee. I think we are going to chance it with a pub for dinner, or a diner if need be. Those of us who want to dance haven’t settled on a place to go either. I have a few clubs in mind, but Marla and Nicole might have other ideas. Who knows at this point!

All I know is, New Years better not turn into a drama filled suck fest!



One Response to “Christmas Over, New Years Yet To Come”

Amelie Says:

Dood, we’ll have fun no matter what. 🙂