Christmas Shopping

I was out most of the day Christmas Shopping. I thought I was done until fate intervened, long story that I don’t want to go into right now. Anwyas, I saw the coolest thing at Brookstones, but it’s only for rich people who can afford to throw money around. It was a digital picture frame that plays digital photos as a slide show! It was so cool. It was also $300. Like I said, it’s for rich people.

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to leave you with an ornament photo. My very own Horton-like ball! Every year people email me asking where they can get these. I wish I knew! My mom got this long ago. I would say Miles Kimbles, but are they even around anymore? Perhaps Lillian Vernon sells them.



2 Responses to “Christmas Shopping”

angei Says:


They have those digital lcd picture frames on sale here for $129.99. Must be a good deal or they are just trying to rip you off there.



Debbie Says:

go to and order bulbs with names – our whole family has them….possibly inspired by the Horton’s ???