Christmas Music

I drove home to Virginia today for Christmas. On the way I heard a lot of Christmas music on the radio. I don’t know what is worse the “Red Christmas Shoes” song or “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas”



4 Responses to “Christmas Music”

Debbie Says:

Hey Dustin – love your site, that Princess….could she be any cuter? What part of Virgina? Anywhere near ‘The Breaks’? Or Clintwood?


Di Says:

Is Red Christmas Shoes the one about the little boy who buys the shoes for his mom so she can have them when she “goes to see Jesus” on Christmas Eve? I think it should be illegal to play that song for people driving. I cry eveytime I hear it and yet, I never can turn it off. My favorite is ‘Celebrate Me Home’ by Kenny Loggins; I don’t hear it often, though. Have a beautiful holiday, Dustin.


Dustin Says:

Yes that is the song. It should be illegal to have a Christmas song about dying PERIOD!


Becky Says:

I admit it…. I love the “I Want A Hippopatamus for Christmas”. I can’t help it, I am a really weak person:) I also love the Chipmunks Christmas Song.

Has anyone seen “The Christmas Shoes” movie? Rob Lowe stars in it, but I watched it anyway. I caught it last year and I bawled through the whole movie, just like I do when I hear the song, while driving….