Thoughts on Love

Ironically, on Monday’s Passions there was a good discussion on love. Sam pondered if it is better to have found a great love and lost it, or lost it before it ever had a chance to begin? What a great question and I’m not sure what the answer is.

Alistair doesn’t believe in love, only lust. I have been in lust a few times when I thought it was love. I have only been in love once, and yes I’m currently in love. However, love is hard work. Scratch that, Love is A LOT of HARD work. It’s not easy.

I guess I would have to answer Sam’s question that it is better to have loved and lost than not have loved at all. With that saying if things don’t work out for me (not that I’m worried, but you never know), I probably won’t be rushing to find love again anytime soon. Like I said, love is a lot hard work. Furthermore I HATE dating. I hate it with a passion. I’m not good playing the dating game.



One Response to “Thoughts on Love”

Teena Says:

I think anything we experience in life is better than experiencing nothing. I’ve lived through cancer, the death of my parents and a grandson, evacuating from hurricane Rita, and so many other really weird things. They’re all adventures, and they all give me a better perspective. As a writer, everything, good or bad, becomes fodder for my creative side.