So who tuned into the new season of Desperate Housewives? Your thoughts? Spoilers for those who haven’t seen it!

I loved it myself. Did anyone kinda want Zack to be dead? I hate the character myself.

The best line of the whole show was Gabby trying to get the paternity test paper and saying “No need to take the test, I got photoshop for Christmas.”

Linette’s boss is a bitch! Arg, she’s going to get on my nerves. I thought Linette was going to become VP or something at her friends company? The diaper scene, so gross!

So what is the secret the new houswife is hiding? Her husband in the basement so it seems, but why? Is he psychotic?

Bree changing her husband’s tie at the funeral, classic!

Do you have a favorite Desperate Houswife?


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  1. Hey Dustin!

    I have been a huge fan of your Days and Passions website! I actually check it daily sometimes more than once a day for updates! I have been going to your sites for about 3 years or so! You definalty need to do a Desperate site…that would be very cool!

    The Boz

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