Over To You

Due to a busy week and the fact that I fell behind with work, I haven’t had time to sit down and blog. So I’m turning it over to you! Have a free for all in the comments, talk about whatever you see fit, guest blog, ask me questions, etc. I’ll do my best to respond (please note I’m headed home this weekend so I may not be timely).

I actually saw on another blog the idea of “Free for all Fridays.” They set up an account for anyone to log into the blog software, giving them limited power of course, and allow them to post to the blog. Kinda of a neat idea! I have to experiment with it first and have my friends test it out before I implement it here, but I think I might try it next friday!



2 Responses to “Over To You”

Charlene Says:

FINALLY! that’s the main word that im going with here Dustin i read your page every day its my number one hook up and i am always like how do i get ahold of him? i don’t even know if im going to have any sucess with this how old this is? or even if you still come on this thing…but if you do i would love to get the chance to maybe talk to you and stuff but that’s entirely up to you…so Dustin brave enough to come and talk to a hardcore days fan..Balls in your court whatcha gonna do?


Dustin Says:

Um, my email is on all my sites