Strawberry Season!

So it’s strawberry season here at the farm. I have to say, I’ve never been a real strawberry fan. I can eat them if they are in something, like cake. On their own however, I don’t just crave eating a strawberry. I did go out with friends this weekend to the fields and pick some. I plan on making a strawberry cheesecake with the giant tub I picked. I posted a few of my Lytro photos of the berries and field below.

In other garden news, I finally got 3 tomato plants started in the “Topsy Turveys.” I’m waiting on some tomato halos that I ordered to arrive to try the a few more in the big ground pots. I’m hoping these and the ladders I bought will keep my garden from becoming the insane tomato jungle it did last year. I might also give green or red peppers a try this year. Last year I ended up with more tomatoes than I could possibly eat. I was giving them away. I was making sauces every week. It was nuts.

The yard is slowly coming together. I’ve raked up leaves and pine needles from many places were they piled up over several years. I have the garden areas by the side of the house cleaned up. I attempted planting some things there . . . but nothing is happening. I’m going to have to just buy well established plants to put in there. I actually have some grass growing in the bare spots of the yard too. John keeps asking why I wanna grow grass because then I just have to cut it. I told him because I want it to look like respectable people live in our house, not trash!

My nemesis, the ground hog, apparently got knocked up over the winter. We have three groundhog babies running around the yard now. Noooooo! I am certain the groundhog is what ate all the flowers I tried to grow last summer. I’ve also fallen into their holes a few times. At some point I’m going to break my ankle I’m sure. The groundhog family has unfortunately got to go.

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