Happy Happy Halloween 2011!

It took me long enough this year, but I have the house pretty much done. Well the outside. I didn’t even start on the inside, I’ve been too busy this year. I may only do a minimal effort inside this year. We’ll see. Come one TV night this week, I may just throw it all up (John has a giant “Nightmare Before Christmas Village” I usually put out).

Outside I still need to tweak a few things, a few final touches to add, things I bought that still aren’t up (mostly lights). Unfortunately some of my old lights and strobes burned out, so I need to replace them at some point. Fortunately TarJay and other stores have these great LED yard lights and strobes that are way more efficient, and cheaper, so I’ll probably just go for them.


2 Responses to “Happy Happy Halloween 2011!”

Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Amazing pictures! I love the detail–the owls eyes really stand out! If I’m in Palmyra at the end of the month I’ll have Jen drive over to see the display.

Please post pics inside if you do the village.

Thanks for putting me in the Halloween mood.

Lin aka WV Nan


Aravis Says:

One of these years I *will* turn up to trick-or-treat at your place! *G*