dustinprincess3d Smile, you’re on Candid Camera! Okay not really. I’ve included yet another 3D image, this one of myself and the Princess. This one came out really well actually. You need glasses to see it of course. I can’t wait to make a movie! Alas I shipped the HP(iece’o’crap) off today to be repaired. My old Dell doesn’t have the processing power needed to make a movie without massive framerate issues. Alas as of yet, the camera has no Mac program. Horrors! It works on the Mac only as a regular cam. So I need my HP back to make a movie with it. Till then, I can still take photos πŸ™‚

I’m not sure why I’ve gotten back into caming again lately. It’s one of those odd things, it’s very voyeuristic and exhibitionist. I don’t actually watch other people’s cams to be honest, but I get the appeal πŸ™‚ No I’m not talking about sex cams! I’m talking about people who have them around their home and you can log in and watch them basically doing whatever. It’s kind of soothing in a weird way, and gives you this feeling of being an omnipresent being.

John got me the mobile cam Rovio for Christmas to check in on the dogs, and the 3D one for Vday. I also picked up a wireless webcam for myself as well by Linksys, as the USB cord ones are fairly limited unless you port your laptop around with them. My friends keep demanding I entertain them with the cam when I singstar πŸ™‚ The new wireless cam does video and audio over the net all on its own with a built in web server. I just have to supply them with the url and password, much easier than having to run the came through a server program on the laptop (which is a CPU and memory hog on Windows machines).

I still have the cam on the blog, which I’ve been trying to use more and more. I usually use it on the weekends a lot. It however still has to be run through a program on the PC right now. I’ve been using the laptops to run it, but I just got a program for my Mac and may switch over to it. I used to have a link to another domain ( which gave a larger picture of the cam as well as the chatroom under it. I might reopen that again soon, but have it set up with multiple cams and cam angles. Of course it won’t be on 24 hours, I am not that brave! Just at times when the blog cam is running. I have to fiddle with the idea and the site structure (html), as well as find the time to do that (ha!).

I also still want to do more video blogs, but haven’t had the time to make any lately. I really want to try, especially with the software that came on the Mac to see how it compares with the software I bought for my PC. The next video blog will contain a bit of a 3D clip, when I figure out something fun to showcase (minds out of the gutter please!).

Anyway, I’m back to watching “American Idol” and finishing preparing for work tomorrow.


3 Responses to “It’s Candid Camera!”

Lori Says:

Gots to get me some of those glasses!


cb Says:

Given the performances of this past week’s “idols”… meh. I may just give up on the show.


glittermom Says:

That is really cool but the only glasses that work are the ones with a red lens and a blue lens…The glasses I got from Coraline were not colored and those wouldnt work with your picture…