Send Me Your Snow

I keep seeing on my Twitter feeds and Facebook from lots of people sick of the snow they are getting. So here is there chance to send it my way!

Lately the weather here in Jersey has been sunny and hot one day, almost to the point you could wear shorts, to cold and gray the next, or just plain shitty like today. It’s cold, gray and raining. I mean pouring down rain.

We have not seen a really good snow in years here. I’m going to say 5 or 6 was the last time we got hit to the point that the state was put into a state of emergency because it was so deep (I think we got 10 inches, which is a lot for us).

I would like a nice deep snow, one that shuts down the state. One that makes traffic outside just stop because nobody can drive in it. I want me a blizzard! Of course the downside of where I live . . . no hills to go sledding on. Plus I’d have to shovel a walkway to walk the dogs. The doggies love when we get snow, they run around in it and think it’s the best thing ever. Of course they’ve only seen it a few times.

Puppy Princess In The Snow Nikko's First Snow

Here is a shot of Princess’ first snow, and one of Nikko coming in after his first snow.


7 Responses to “Send Me Your Snow”

Becky Says:

I will be doing the “move the snow to Dustin” dance very shortly:)


cassandra sappington Says:

Joining Becky in the move the snow to Dustin dance…we have had to plow our driveway every day! ugh… you can have our snow… and cold, cold, cold with windchills this past week at 45-55 below zero. I guess we’re used to it, but it does get old after awhile.
I really liked the cockroach guy! That was funny!


Emily Says:

Um, we had more like 2 feet of snow with the state of emergency.

Even in Jersey there is no state of emergency for 10 inches of snow.


Carrie Says:

Wow! I’m surprised you don’t get more snow up in your neck of the woods! We don’t get much here in southern Indiana.. every handful of years, we’ll get a good storm, but mostly if we get anything, it’s rain or ice.. I hate the ice! It’s weird though.. when I was a kid, I remember always having snow, and it stuck around forever it seemed.. now we’re lucky if we even get 10 inches for the entire season.

Your furbabies are too cute!!


Aravis Says:

We’ve got about a foot of snow between yesterday and today. I love the snow and am tired of hearing people complain about it (the season is just starting!) but must confess that I hope it stops and the plows are doing a good job: I’m going to the movies this evening, and that’s a 30 minute drive. :0P


hot-lunch Says:

did u get any yet? we’ve been getting some for weeks!!! and more on the way. it’s been record breaking here since we’re used to a wet Christmas, not a White one!! hope u had a good Christmas!!


Dustin Says:

Nope 🙁 We have gotten bitterly cold weather though!