Is It Halloween Yet?

So this weekend I made my way to the Halloween Superstore, one of about ten thousand in the area, to see what decorations were out. Oh I wanted everything and eventually had to leave the store empty handed to avoid an insane bill.

Well I went back today and was very good. I bought some large fake rats and crows to put on my porch banister, as well as a fake cemetery fence to put up on one side of the yard. On the opposite side I’ll put all the gravestones from last year. I also bought new spiderweb stuff for the bushes. We still have red LED lights in them from Christmas, so assuming they still work, I might see how they look underneath the spiderwebs. It might look too silly to use. There are still one or two things I want as well, but I plan to set up what I have and then decide what, if anything, to fill in with.

I also got my Halloween costume, which is going to be hot. I’m going to be partying with friends this year, and I am gunna be outrageous. The plan was to be a cross-dressing serial killer. I have a red wig, so I was going to use that and then get a Michael Meyer’s jumpsuit/costume and fake boobs. I was also planning to slash the costume up so the boobs peaked out the front, as well as showing some serious skin all over, even some hiney cheek just for my friends! I would finish it up with fake blood in the exposed areas.

Well I got the fake boobs, which look great, and the costume, which unfortunately is fairly cheap. It looks fine enough, and I was not about to buy real coveralls, but it’s polyester and THIN. When I say thin, I mean it weighs nothing. Given we are going to be outside, I am thinking depending on the temperature how much skin gets shown might have to be revised. Therefore I’m not slashing it up till the day of, because I might end up having to wear it over a shirt and shorts (you don’t want to know what I was originally planning to wear under it) and will need to slash accordingly.

Oh, every serial killer needs a weapon. You’ll have to wait for the photos for that reveal. It’s the best part of the whole ensemble!


6 Responses to “Is It Halloween Yet?”

Carrot Says:

Your weapon is a carrot!!!!


Carrie Says:

LOL I can’t wait to see pics!!!


Becky Says:

Because I know what your weapon is going to be, I can not wait to see the pics!!


Sherri Says:

Oh how excited I am. I can’t wait to see the pics. I LOVE Halloween as well but I don’t have a clue what to dress up like this year.


Aravis Says:

I love when Halloween comes around. It’s one of my favorite holidays, and I love reading about your decorations and plans for the big night!


cb Says:

You know, Target is using Domo to promo their Hallowe’en stuff!