It Went Just Okay

So I gave the lecture at the farm today. It went okay. I got up early, but the time I spoke was pushed back to the point where I could have slept in more, a lot more. The injustice! Anyway, I winged the whole thing as I just didn’t know what to say, giving a broad and general talk and a much abbreviated history (I think I basically skipped a good 6000 years) and then allowing and answering questions. Being a perfectionist, I realized had I bothered to make a little outline I could have been a whole lot better. However it was a talk to fifth graders, so I think they were impressed enough. They had really good questions and I answered all of them actually. I might have to do this again in 2 weeks, so I will have experience to build on.

On Saturday Emily is coming over for fun night. We are going to yummy PF Changs for dinner first. I told her I think it will be my last meat meal, then I’ll try being a vegetarian for awhile. She said her money was on me not lasting a month. I told her she was a bitch. She said she was and proud of it . . . . . bitch. So anyway, after dinner we’ll probably watch a movie then go through the corn maze, or maybe do the corn maze first depending on time. This is the last weekend for the corn maze then it gets torn down, and I really do want to do it before it goes away (especially since the theme is Native Americans this year).



3 Responses to “It Went Just Okay”

Aravis Says:

Do you watch Bones? This week’s episode began with the mummified body of a teenaged girl found in a maze (of hay bales, but still). I take it you don’t expect to find the same in the corn.

I’ve never gone through a corn maze. I always think of Malachi and Children of the Corn. I love to eat the stuff, not get eaten surrounded by the stuff. *G*


Emily Says:

That’s right. I’m a bitch, and I”m proud of it. 🙂


Becky Says:

Glad the lecture went good for you. Have a great time at the corn maze. Those things scare the crap out of me!