We Are Clean Doggies!

Princess and Nikko went to the groomers today (long overdue) and came back clean and smelling oh so nice! Of course it is supposed to be rainy and disgusting tomorrow.



3 Responses to “We Are Clean Doggies!”

KipEsquire Says:

They’re almost as cute as you. 😉


Aravis Says:

They look so spiffy!

Your dog-bathing-luck is my commuting-to-school luck. If there’s going to be bad weather it will happen when I have the long drive to and from school, where I will have long walks to and from my car. It never fails. I have school tomorrow night, so the 40 degree weather we’ve had is ending and we’re going to get around 3″ of snow then. :0(


Dustin Says:

I’d prefer the snow actually, and I’m sure they would too 🙂