I Don

So being in Virginia all weekend I was a little out of touch with, well everything. On Saturday the Scissor Sisters released their new single “I Don’t Want To Dance” from their upcoming album “Tada.” Well let me back track, they released it in Europe (and probably Canada), it won’t be released here till mid august. Grrrr! However that little hurdle is not problem for the powers of the internet.

For those who have no idea who Scissor Sisters are, they are a funky little group from the US who became wildly popular in Europe, but not so much here except in the club scenes. They have a very retro sound, some songs sound like the Bee Gees, some sound like Elton John, others have a very 80s synth feel to them. They are basically pure fun! Alas their retro feel probably has hindered them from hitting it big in the US given the current climate of TRL driven music. If you have never heard them, give them a chance!

As for their new song, it’s a Bee Gees flavored song with a bit of synthpop pop thrown in. It also borrows the piano riff from the Frankie Valley classic “Oh What A Night.” At first I wasn’t too impressed, but after a few listens I can’t stop listening to it. I can’t wait for the album in September and I am just hoping they will for once tour in the States.

Oh, you can see videos and listen to song clips from their first album over at Scissor Sisters


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