The Night Life Is About To Start

It’s 1:30am our time, 10:30 Vegas time. Ahhhhh! Plane was late, didn’t get started till around 6pm really. We had dinner at some Italian place, it was okay. Then we watched the Siren show at Treasure Island. Basically scantily clad men and women pirates getting in on, oh I mean “fighting.” It reminded me of a Britney Spears video, but the fire and effects were cool. Then we walked back and saw the volcano explode at the Mirage and the fountains at the Bellagio. I took lots of pictures, haven’t looked at any of them yet.

I haven’t seen too many casinos yet aside from the ones in Aladin and the ones we walked by and could see into, but I imagined them to be way more fabulous than they are. I think I’ve seen too many movies, but Nica says the Bellagio is where the nice casinos are. We haven’t gambled yet, probably tomorrow. I play on playing a few slot machines and being over it.

For now, we are going to try and find someplace fun to go and TRY and actually stay awake!


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