Which Horror Movie Are You?

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The Craft
You’re whole life, you’ve felt different. You know you’re different, and that is why you break away from the norm and don’t give a shit what other people think about you. You’re you, you’re proud, you’re a bit… weird might I say? but you’re far more interesting than most people will ever percieve. Keep being yourself, whether people like it or not.



5 Responses to “Which Horror Movie Are You?”

Becky Says:

I’m “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Not too sure if I like that assessment or not…but I will agree that I can be a little bit narcissitic at times.


Letty Says:

I’m The Texas Chainsaw Massacre too.


Emily Says:

I’m The Craft too! 🙂


Jessica Says:

I’m Silence of the Lambs!! HHhmmmm what could that mean??? lol


Jennifer Says:

I’m “The Blair Witch Project”…