So last night I went out with my partner in crime again. We had dinner at a restaurant/bar type establishment I adore but haven’t gone to in a long time since moving out of the city. However I’ve been there twice this week already, and may be going again tomorrow if weather permits. I’m sure after tomorrow I’ll be sick of it. After dinner we went to have some fun. I don’t know if you can handle the truth as to where I was. I think you all are too straight laced for the truth. Here are some hints about my evening.

Where we went was once a hole in the wall bar, until they expanded and bought the place next to them. Now it’s sort of a nice place, though the bathrooms say “Sitters” and “Standers” complete with drawings to explain to those who don’t get it.

The clientele is still the hole in the wall bar type :). Actually they are the cool kats who think they are ultra hip in their corduroy pants and retro shirts. If your in college, you know the type. There is one in every class.

Music and dancing was going on, but we weren’t really participants. Well, my friend did dance on stage once (if you can call it a stage), and I did dance with a kind of celebrity.

We handed out dollar bills 😉

Hehe, it’s not as bad as I make it out, and it’s actually a Philly tradition among many, especially college kids.