I Love The Nightlife, I Love To Boogie

It has been a while since I went out and partied, since my birthday actually. That was a total bust of course. I think I need to go out again soon. I’ll be making some calls today about a possible Saturday night outing. I need some stress relief, and a night out does that for me. I’ll try my best to take some photos this time 🙂

The funny thing is I wasn’t always into dancing. In fact, I couldn’t stand it for a long time because I was self conscious about my ability to dance, as most men probably are. I know you ladies out there don’t get this. It seems women were almost born to dance! For men it is often a different story.

How did I overcome my fear? Unfortunately that would be due to alcohol, alcohol and my friends who dragged me onto the dance floor and taught me how to dance. They wouldn’t give up on me and wouldn’t let me say no! Nowadays I love to dance, but I’m still a bit self conscious. I don’t like dancing unless other people are on the dance floor, and I still often rely on one drink to get me started and in the mood. I know, it’s bad to find courage in a bottle, and my family has its share of alcoholics. Trust me, I’m aware and careful.

Like I was saying, nowadays I love to dance, though I am a bit picky. I prefer to dance to music I know and can sing along with, or music that has an up beat tempo. I don’t like rap, so I won’t dance to it. Though 80’s rap does have a place in my heart due to childhood memories. I also don’t like dancing to Goth music, though in general I like a lot of it. Basically I like fun stuff to dance to, stuff with an 80s or disco feel to it. Gwen Stefani is the bomb 🙂 I can’t believe I just said “the bomb.”

This photo was taken a few years ago. It’s me and my friend, who shall remain anonymous, before a night out on the town. She is one of my usual dancing partners. Actually she’s become my main one lately. I love her to death. Normally I wouldn’t post photos of my friends, but this isn’t a high quality photo so I figured what the hell. You can barely make out our faces.


Disclaimer: Hey kids, listen up. Underage drinking is NOT cool. You should never buckle to peer pressure, you should never rely on alcohol for courage. I, Dustin, never drank while underage. In fact, I didn’t start drinking until I was around 24, a mature and responsible adult! Drinking is an adult responsibility, don’t be in a rush to grow up!

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