I know I say it all the time, but I’m gunna try and make an effort to blog more. Ironically I started this post over a week ago . . . So yeah that says a lot! In part though I’ve been waiting on news about the dog to finish it. Yes Princess was back at the vet again recently. She began peeing during her afternoon naps . . . Not a flood of pee, but she’d be wet in the back, and I found a spot on the sofa where she sleeps too. So back to the doctor she went, especially after all the elevated kidney levels and tests she just went through. So we did more tests, the vet found no signs of infections or stones, which means it could simply be age related and a lack of estrogen. It’s most common for this to happen in spayed older female dogs. So he prescribed her some meds, which she’s on daily now. Of course by time all the tests were done and back, the problem seemed to have stopped . . . She was only peeing in the late afternoon, no other time. It was all very bizarre. Maybe it was psychological? The meds are thankfully cheap enough though. If it starts up again and they fail, we have to move on to other medications or possibly hormone injections.

Here in the Mid-Atlantic/Philadelphia area we are in our first official heat wave of the Summer, though it’s still Spring. Fortunately unlike the previous two years, our air-conditioner hasn’t died . . . yet. I’m not convinced it’s keeping up and will likely conk out at some point. My guess is though that will be the next go around, or when we start getting near the 100 mark. We only got up to 93 this time. Massive thunderstorms on Sunday are supposed to break this heat.

I finally got my gardens started. After a rainy and cold Memorial Day weekend I was able to get the vegetable garden all cleaned out and planted. I thought I’d never get it done! First we had bizarre cold nights, then rain, and now heat waves. Go home Mother Nature, you are drunk! This year I’m growing tomatoes (3 varieties), peppers (2 kinds) and eggplant. I also elevated all my plants this year on cinderblocks. Hopefully this will keep Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Groundhog from nibbling them to death. I also have set up 2 motion detectors with really loud sonic alarms (along with birds of prey sounds and strobe lights). PLUS I sprayed critter ridder down to keep them away . . . . and I’m dumping all my cold charcoal from the grill into Mr. Groundhog’s house. I will beat him!

I also got the flowerbeds outside of backdoor planted this week in between the heat. Well no, I did it in the heat a portion at a time. Fortunately they are in the shade most of the day, but it was still hot as hell out. All that’s left is to clean up the side porch again. Every fall the leaves pile up there along with downed branches from the tree next to our house. This ends up resulting in a nice layer of muck, that at least makes good fertilizer. The ivy I cut back a few years ago is creeping back in and I need to nip it in the bud before it overtakes the whole porch again. There is also a third flower bed there I may finally plant some things in, and we are gunna eventually need a new bird fountain. Mr. Pan has lost a leg and a head . . .