This Is How My Garden Grows!

Just some photos of my gardening so far. I just noticed today I have my first tomatoes (four of them) coming in. Two of my several plants are flowering.

(Left) My Topsy Turvery planter has three seedlings John brought me. One is of the Ramapo variety, a classic Jersey Tomato. The other two are 589s and Tie-Dye Tomatoes . . . which I don’t believe I’ve ever tasted.

(Right) I also have several tomato plants in planters that I grew from seedlings and transplanted. These are just your run of the mill Burpee seeds, i.e. beefsteaks, cherry tomatoes and whatever else I had bought (I forget!)

My sunflowers are coming in. I planted them on all three sides of the garden this year. Unfortunately at first only two came in (the ones in the right photo). I found that odd, since these were the ones most in the shade! I think animals might have eaten the others. I did not give up and kept planting though, and the others are all slowly coming in.

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