Sunshine Weekend! Everyone Is Smiling!

So I’ve had a fun week this past week! Well, at least it was very eventful. I woke up Tuesday to find my left eye swollen and sore. Okay the eyelid. Turns out I had a stye gone wrong. It has a technical name, something like a Churiza or something, but not to be confused with cinnamon confectionary amusement park goodness. Basically my eyelid was purple and swollen. In kids it’s caused by stress and bad eating. Yeah check for both of those with me lately! Fortunately with drops and over the counter drugs, it’s fine now. Just took some time to go down.

What else . . . so I sent out a feeler to the second conference I was considering (using a tweaked version of the paper for the first conference) and was basically invited to it. Two conferences basically one week apart. Yeah, I’m gunna be a mental wreck that week. I still have to sit down and put together my power point for them too. Ahhhh! But it builds my CV and looks good. Should have a published article out by this summer too hopefully.

So I have been having some jonesen for the new Apple Ipad. I had written it off, till I found out you could get a versions of Apple’s iWork applications on it. Suddenly it became of interest to me. I had been thinking about a netbook for awhile now to replace my laptop when traveling, but just haven’t committed to one. I was waiting to see how Windows 7 ran on my current laptop, which has been pretty well. But it’s still pretty bulky. Now I’m thinking about an iPad. I played with it in the Apple Store the other day and it was pretty! So far i’ve held off on it though . . . so far!

So from my Tweets, as some noticed, I spent part of the weekend working with a class doing basically a CSI like exercise. I helped out with a class in Forensic Anthropology, where they investigated a mock murder scene. It was big fun. It looks like I’m on the roster for at least the next year to teach, as well as probably the following. I might be offered some different courses than I’ve taught so far, so yay! We’ll see what happens 🙂

I still need something to supplement my income though, at least for the next year. There was a big “work at home” job fair here today that was all over the news. I went to it thinking “What the hell?” and went, but it was a big disappointment. They claimed that all the vendors had been screened to make sure they were legit, but there were far too many pyramid schemes for my liking. You know, like the Acai Berry stuff. Yeah they were there, as were others far too much like them. I did pick up a few pamphlets of places I knew were legit, though I could have found them on the web had I wanted to. I also gave my name out to a few places I felt comfortable with. We’ll see what happens. I’m not expecting much, and am ready to go out to some local places in late May to see who is hiring part-time. Yet again I fear I’ll be saying “You want fries with that?”

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