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Drops From The Doc

I called my doc this morning and got a prescription for some eye drops to clear up the pink eye. The eyes already feel much dryer 🙂 Not much else to report really. I have yet to get to the hiking thing I wanted to do, this weekend I was stuck working the strawberry picking stand. Next weekend perhaps? We’ll see. I am signing myself up for a dissertation writing boot camp that happens end of June through early July. That should help me pump out my last few chapter drafts.

Other than that, I’m just waiting for things to come back on TV to entertain me at night 🙂

What Am I, An Infant?

photo-49 So my cold? Yeah it seems it is much more than that. A lot worse.

Yesterday I woke up with what I thought was just some sleeper peepers in my eyes. I had to work the “pick your own strawberry” stand at the market in the morning for them, so I was outside a lot yesterday. Later John comments that my eyes are bloodshot. I thought maybe it was allergies being outside and all.

Later in the day I begin to think, wow, it’s really hazy. John comments my eyes are really bloodshot still. He jokes maybe I have pink eye. Ass! He jinxed me. I don’t think I have pink eye, but I do think it’s conjunctivitis. (post edit: I thought they were the same, but someone told me they weren’t, but yeah they are) I had a lot of goop in my eye by night. I figured I’d know in the morning or not.

Woke up this morning with my eyes encrusted shut. Yup, pretty sure it’s conjunctivitis. What am I, 2 years old? Don’t worry mom, I’m calling the doctor in the morning.

On the upside, I’ve totally lost like 5 pounds 🙂

Little Bunny Poo Poo

Just posting a quick photo of the bunny.

Movie Reviews

So yesterday I spent the day sick on the couch watching movies. Fortunately I picked some winners here. The night before I had watched “He’s Just Not Into You.” Yeah, I just wasn’t into that movie either!

First up was a German thriller “Dead In 3 Days.” It was basically a blending of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “One Missed Call.” Five high school students just graduated and all receive a text that they’ll be dead in three days. One by one they are killed, trying to figure out who is doing it and why. There was nothing really new here, but it was a fun slasher flick. Subtitled, so you have to read. I didn’t bother seeing if there was English dubbing, as I hate the fake sound of the dub tracks. It’s a horror movie, so expect a twist. Also this one was pretty gory in a few places, but not overly bloody like some of the stuff that’s come out in the U.S. lately.

The second movie is “La chambre des morts” or in English “Room of Death.” I couldn’t find an link for this one. This was a French thriller and was very “Silence of the Lambs.” In fact there is a nod to the movie when we see the protagonist owns a copy of the book. If you liked “Silence” you’ll either love this or think it’s too much of a rip-off in the style it’s shot in. Totally different story though, lots of twists and turns. It’s about a rookie female detective whose first case involves a killer that poses their victims like dolls. The end did make sense, but was a bit muddled. I don’t know if it was the subtitles or the cold medicine causing that 🙂

Next there is “Outlander.” The cover describes it as “Beowulf Meets Predator.” That’s a pretty fair description! Basically this guy hunting an alien crashes on Earth. Norway in 700AD to be precise. So it becomes the Vikings verses the alien dragon monster. The acting was good, the effects were good, it was entertaining. If you like monster movies give it a try.

Finally this one I watched a week or so ago, but wanted to review. I actually started this in Atlanta during the trip from hell, but was so ill that night I just turned it off and went to bed. I finally rented it and watched it in 3D. First up, the 3D was excellent! However a word to the wise, this needs special green and red glasses, not the normal blue and red ones. If you have the blue and red ones, just wear them backwards and the 3D works fine though 🙂 This is a remake of an old old Canadian 80s slasher. I saw the original, and this is probably one of those few times where the remake is better than the original. There are several nods to the original in the way some of the killings are done though, such as the dryer scene and later in the movie the scene where the suits are all falling down in the mine. The story is basically that some coal miner went nuts on Valentines Day and killed a bunch of people in the mine. 10 years later he returns after everyone thinks he’s dead. This was definitely a gory movie, and I screamed several times. It’s hard to get me to do that anymore! Even John, who hates horror movies, sat through this one. A very good ending too, leaving it open for a sequel.

Glued To The TV For E3

Okay before I get into the blog post, a lot of people have found my blog by searching “No Need to Abort . . . The Countdown Starts.” Clearly they got the song stuck in their head from the car commercial and want to know what it is. It’s Peter Schillings “Major Tom,” which was his sequel to David Bowie’s “Space Odyssey.” You can find the German version on YouTube, the English version not so much. There is a remix of the English version on iTunes though.

Alrighty then, this week I’ve been glues to my TV and G4 watching the E3 coverage. This is the Electronic Entertainment Expo where they unveil new games, peripherals and systems. Both Sony and Microsoft unveiled sweet motion sensor technologies (to compete with Wii) and everyone revealed awesome new games. I’ve pulled out older games I never finished in order to play some of the sequels coming out next year. I figured I’d get through them all by then 🙂

I still need to do an “EA Active Sports” review for you. In short though, 2 thumbs up! Way better than Wii Fit in my opinion, as this thing pushes you hard.

I lost my mind and went out and bought “Sims 3.” So far my Sims are still happy. Give them a week of working and they’ll be on the couch crying all the time though. I really like this game though as the town is connected to your house, no need to load between different places you go. Very nice. I have yet to explore the graveyard to see the ghosts.

Somehow I’ve gotten sick . . . again! I had been feeling run down these past few days. Maybe from doing too much this weekend? I also made the mistake and pushed it by going to the gym last night. I always end up sick after doing that, probably gym germs. I felt a sore throat coming on last night, took zinc and vit c, but still woke up feeling the throat hurting. Yeah, not happy. While at the gym I finally saw the Zumba class. It looks like a lot of fun, but it was all women and the dance moves were very “shake your hips like a girl.” So I don’t think I want to be the only man in there letting the rest of the club watching me shake my ass from the tread mills, bikes and elliptical trainers 🙂

I Had Too Much Big Fun With The Wretched

So Saturday night was a blast. As the title indicates, I had a little too much fun with the wretched 🙂 As usual, I hadn’t eaten much that day, which somehow I always manage to do whenever going out for the night is involved. I spent Sunday sleeping most of the day. It was great fun though, we hope to meet up again.

I have given up on the Crystal Light. Well not completely, but I did go out and buy some diet soda to mix in with it. I just got to the point where it was souring my stomach and I couldn’t take it anymore. The White Grape flavor totally sent me over the edge.

Let’s see, I’m giving the vegetarian thing one week more, two at tops, then making a decision. I think I am starting to put on weight little by little with this, in spite of eating less and better. It’s all the carbs. If I hit a certain number before 2 weeks is up, I’m gunna give it up. I just have to stay away from the fast food! For me, that’s hard, cause it’s so yummy.

Right now I’m trying to motivate to go for a run, but I’m still not 100% and my head is rebounding a lot. So we’ll see if I make it.