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Something Is Watching From The Woods . . .

One of my all time favorite movies is Disney’s “The Watcher In The Woods.” I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking it was so spooky, especially since we lived near a whole stretch of woods I used to play in.

The movie first came out on DVD in 2000 and was published by Anchor Bay, which included a butt-load of extras, including the original endings for the movie. The movie was adapted from a book of the same name, and apparently there were some 100 plus scripts and endings imagined. If you remember the movie and have not checked out the DVD, you need to! The original ending is hysterical and one can understand why it was pulled from theaters in one week, reworked and re-released a year later. You finally see what the Watcher looks like, or at least Disney’s imagining of it. You can currently get the movie on DVD from Disney, which includes the two extra endings. However it does not include any commentary from the directors and producers, which was available on the first Anchor Bay production. If you can find it used or new at a good price anywhere, snatch it up. It’s worth it, plus it has better picture and sound quality (odd I know that it’s better than Disney’s later version of the DVD).

After loving the movie for so long, learning about all the endings written for it, the tons of scripts and the problems plaguing a movie I so loved, I finally decided to track down a copy of the original book. It’s been long out of print, but you can find it used. I bought it off and paid more for the shipping than the price of the book. I’m only half way through it, but I’m just incredibly shocked at how different the book is from the movie! I mean so incredibly different. The basic story is there, Jan and her family move into Mrs. Alywood’s house, her daughter Karen disappeared, Jan senses something in the woods, her sister Ellie begins going into trances and speaking and writing backwards, Jan is determined to find out what happened to Karen. Other than that, the Disney version pretty much seems to have re-written everything! The Disney version had Karen disappear during a mysterious initiation with her friends that seemed to open a rift in the universe. So far that is not in the book, the only character from that circle of friends is the mother of Jan’s love interest and she didn’t even know Karen as she was only a baby when Karen went missing. In the book Karen went off for a walk in the woods alone and fell through the door, never to come back.

I have yet to get to the end, hopefully I will tonight. But this is such a weird turn-around for me. Usually movie version of book’s are always inferior. However I’ve loved this movie for almost 20 years now. So reading the book I’m facing the dilemma, do I think Disney’s version was actually better than the book? So far I kinda do! Had I read the book before seeing and falling in love with the movie, I don’t know how I’d feel.

Happy Easter


They don’t look anywhere as nice as the ones on the package, but do they ever? Oh well, I did it and now I’m over it.

Happy Easter! Also if you are watching “The Ten Commandments” tonight don’t forget, that is Miss Anne Baxter and those are the moves!

Fantasy/Fairytale Movie Night!

So last night was basically fantasy/fairytale movie night. We watched “Enchanted” and then we, or rather I, watched “Seeker: The Dark Is Rising.” Emily ignored the begining, chatted online, then passed out on my LoveSac (not what some may think, a giant bean bag chair). Note to self, next time Emily does that take a photo to post on the blog the next morning to shock and horrify her.

“Enchanted” is a Disney movie which spoofs all the classic Disney cartoon films, such as “Snow White,” “Cinderella,” and “Sleeping Beauty.” It stars Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsy, James Marsden and Susan Sarandon. The movie starts off in cartoon form where the beautiful maiden Giselle meets her Prince Charming (Prince Edward), who of course has a wicked step-mother for a queen. The jealous queen then casts Giselle into the real world of New York, where she stops being a cartoon. Nevertheless, she doesn’t stop acting like one, continuing to break out in song and have all the animals (aka vermin) in New York help her with chores and dress. The movie really pokes fun at all the silliness of the old Disney films, but does it in a good way. As with the classic movies, it’s about finding and rescueing your true love, only with some twists. It’s very cute, predictable, but enjoyable. Props to the people at Disney for also throwing in a quick gay reference that probably made the family friendly crowd throw up when they watched it, but kids wouldn’t get at all. Two thumps up for all.

“Seeker: The Dark is Rising” is a fantasyesque movie based on the novel “The Dark Is Rising.” I never read the book, which from what I understand is actually a series of books, so I can’t make comparisons. Something tells me though that a lot was probably left out. The movie description says that it’s about a young boy who upon turning 14 learns he’s the last paladin of light and must stop the rider, who is trying to overtake the world with darkness. Well first the word paladin was never mentioned at all, so I think that tells me stuff from the book was left out. The movie had a good cast, including Ian McShane, Frances Conroy and Christopher Eccleston as The Rider. The plot I felt was a bit rushed, again telling me a lot was left out. The boy, Will, basically suddenly learns he’s this warrior of light “The Seeker” and must seek out 6 signs in order to stop The Rider. From there it’s just a rush to find these signs, with a few plot devices thrown in which are all predictable, all leading to a predictable ending. Was it enjoyable? Yes. Predictable? Obviously I would say yes. I would recommend it to those who liked “Harry Potter” or “Narnia,” but this film seems a little more teenager/kid oriented than even the former ones. Again I have a feeling the book was much better and it’s one of those movies that people who loved the book hated the film version. Two thumbs up for a family movie night, your kids will probably like it.

Good Friday

sparkleeggs.jpg So it’s Good Friday ya’ll! Emily is supposed to be coming over tonight and we are going to watch some movies. Last night I also got it in my head that I wanted to dye Easter eggs, something I haven’t done for years. However the grocery stores only seem to carry the plain old boring PAAS kits. I wanted to relive my childhood with Dudley’s kits dammit!

Fortunately I found some at TarJay, on sale too! So I bought the plain kit, the tye-dye sparkle eggs and the marble eggs. I do recall them being fun to do as a kid, but the later two usually then never worked right. We’ll see if they come out better as an adult. I couldn’t find the equally as messy, but usually worked, shake-n-dye kit though.

Well I don’t have too much to say right now. I will leave you with a fun little code to figure out šŸ™‚



A-Okay (Sorta)

monster_teeth.jpg So I had my fun fun fun trip to the dentist today. I must either really be getting old or did some serious teeth mashing last night, as it just hurt to sit in that chair holding my mouth open. I was like please let this end cause my mouth is so sore! I think I probably ground my teeth last night out of stress, nerves and everything else. However the check-up went okay, no cavities and no work to be done. Yay! I was shocked basically because the past 6 months have been pretty stressful for me and I know I haven’t taken as good care of myself as I should have.

There is a lot I really want to say, but I don’t what I can and can’t say. I’m feeling very stifled right now lol, and I really want to scream and yell about a lot! I’m having trouble sticking to my decision, so I need to sit down and write out an email and send it off and be done with some things for good. It’s time to realize I have to walk away . . .

Changing the subject slightly, I had written a previous post before and saved it about that damn Miley Cyrus song that I hear every single time I seem to get in the car and turn on the radio. I didn’t know who sang it the first few times I heard it, but I liked it cause it was something different than the Rhianna/Justin/Timbeland produced stuff that only seems to get airplay in my area. However it soon became the “it” song, and they played it over and over to the point where I got tired of hearing it. Unfortunately it’s one of those infectious songs you can’t help but sing when you hear it. Plus I feel like it’s kind of my anthem lately. Just the “last time I freaked out” part, not the part about an obsessed teenage girl talking some boy she likes šŸ™‚

Note: Fan produced video using horror movie clips. Not the real video for the song.

Colon Hydrotherapy

I’m home in Virginia for a few days. I get to visit the dentist tomorrow. Fun fun fun! Not not not! I was warned last time one of my old fillings is breaking down and I might need a crown or worse. I’m hoping I do NOT need a root canal, that would just top off all the other crap going on in my life right now!

While on the way home I saw a huge billboard for some colon hydrotherapy clinic. That was not the image I needed in my head while driving home. Talk about getting some crap out of your life!

Anyway, before I make anymore crap jokes that are in poor taste, enjoy the following crap which is good. The new trailer for “Mamma Mia!”

The First Day Of The Rest Of My Life?

Baby Jebus give me the strength to stick to my guns with my latest decision and not waver or be swayed or tempted anymore.

For inspiration I present Paula Abdul’s “Promise of a New Day” presented in hi-tech skinnyvision.

An Emotional Weekend

Wow it was supposed to be a fun fun weekend at Monster Mania X, but it ended up being stressful and emotional. Basically a lot of crap happened over at the soap site, the usually message board, thoughts forum, chat room crapola that always adds added stress into my life. There are other things going on of which I probably can’t legally speak of, I’m not sure, so I just won’t.

The thing is, it’s been a good while since I sold the site and I’m still there! I never imagined I would be at this point. That is probably going to change. The whole reason behind selling was to free up time in my life and essentially for my emotional well being and happiness. Instead I’m just as if not more stressed now! Inconceivable! I made a big decision this weekend (again), now I just have to find the strength to stick to it.

This has been a lesson for me. If I was ever in this situation again for some reason, I would not go through it again. I would not sell a site I created and worked on for years. I would simply close it down if the appeal ran out for me or it was just too much for me.

JoBeth Williams (Poltergeist Mom) and myself at Monster Mania X 2008

Over to Monster Mania X. I did enjoy myself here and while I was there my mind was off the other issues at hand. Friday is when I got my pictures with Heather and JoBeth, the two I really wanted to meet. There were other stars there too, but autographs and pictures did cost money, so I didn’t feel I really wanted to spend much more.

By Saturday the lines became a little outrageous. People waited 4 hours to meet Corey Feldman (I didn’t need to see him) and Bruce Campbell from “Evil Dead” fame had a really long line too. I decided I would just go to various Q&A answer sessions instead. I saw Zach Galligan (Gremlins) and Williams Ragsdale (Fright Night) Q&A, as well as the “Women of Horror” one with the above. Finally I saw Bruce Campbell’s and the very end of Corey’s. Emily and I then did “Rocky Horror” that night . . . which was interesting to say the least. It was complete with a cast of players acting the whole movie out, costumes and all.


Heather Langenkamp (Nightmare on Elm Street) and myself. Monster Mania X 2008.

Harry Potter! The Final Movie News

It was announced today that because “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” was so long (not as long as The Half-Blood Prince though), the movie studios have decided to split the movie into two parts.

As a Harry Potter nut, I don’t know how I feel about this. Part of me loves the idea that the final book might be given a movie deserving of it, with nothing being cut to fit into 2 hours. The first Harry Potter book, and even the second, was translated almost perfectly to the screen. By the time they got to four though, so much had to be cut out because the books were getting so long. This is a shame. While some things nobody missed (like Hermione’s stupid free the house elves campaign), others were very crucial. They cut out a lot of the back stories about Harry’s parents and Snape.

Part of me hates the idea though. There will be almost a year between Pt 1 and Pt 2 in the theaters, even though they are being shot simultaneously. For me the wait will suck. Also it seems like a way to drag it out and make the studios more money in the end, given they know this is the last Potter film they’ll be putting out.