So here we are, the night before Christmas and all through the house . . . . the doggies are yapping at everything that goes by the windows. Yesterday Keith and I hit the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. I think I can safely say unless I’m going by to get some quick dessert-to-go for some reason, I don’t need to have Cheesecake Factory for awhile. I’m kinda pooped out of it. Besides the last two times I went I wasn’t impressed with some of the things I got there.

Today I sat around watching Christmas specials. I only ran out to get some movies. I rented ‘Material Girls,’ God help me. We had our Christmas dinner tonight actually, ham and stuffs. The Chinese restaurant is opened tomorrow, so I’m heading there for takeout and having myself “A Christmas Story” dinner. No duck though, I’ll probably be getting a tofu dish.

These are some of the peoples lights in the neighborhood. The first, I don’t know, Mardi Gras inspired bead tree? The second one was kinda neat. There was a third house I didn’t get that I liked, it just had this big snowman image projected onto the house. It was different yet cool. I tried not to take too many photos, I don’t need to be arrested for casing the neighbors on Christmas Eve.

Be sure to keep track of Santa tonight on Norad Santa Tracker. As I write this Santa is currently in Paris, France. Oui Oui!

Also thanks to Hot Lunch for pointing out the following video . . . .